Edwards and his UNC duties

Just a notice to those who think Edwards doesn't spend any time at UNC. My wife is in the MPH program and forwarded me this announcement. I've deleted the days and times, and won't be attending, since this is an internal event. Dang it.

NUTR MPH Students


Please join Senator John Edwards, Director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, for an informal coffee hour on xxxxxxxxxxx. Sen. Edwards and members of the Center staff will be on hand to talk about the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, to hear about your studies and community work, and to listen to your ideas for future projects and for research on poverty. Come with your ideas, questions, and appetites - refreshments will be provided. Drop in as your class schedule allows and learn about issues of poverty, work and opportunity! To learn more about the Center, please visit

I can't imagine that this in any way falls under the normal, minimal duties of his position. Instead, it seems like he is reaching out to a group of nutrition students to ask their opinions on health as it relates to poverty.

No, he isn't a 9-5 Director, which is not what they hired him for, but this shows he isn't just doing public press conferences for the good of his campaign.