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I received an emergency call tonight to quickly turn on Fox News. We never watch that channel, but they had received a call from out of state. Can you believe that they actually bashed Vermin's latest ad on Fox News. This has to be a first. They even pointed out the fact that Brad Miller didn't vote against body armor for the soldiers. He didn't vote at all. He was on his way to Iraq.



He's toast then Love

When the sound machine starts turning against you and backs up a progressive dem....not a centrist....a progressive - a proud liberal....

Dayum...Vermin is toast!

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Wow. Just , wow

I came in for this:

fortunate gain divide luckily

They've been drinking Kool-Aid through the Babelfish translator, haven't they.


someone needs to get Sir Lancelot

so he can banish this fool from our kingdom.

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I have sent him

a private message about this.

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He (it, whatever) seems to be

targeting blog posts from last September, if that means anything to whatever IT superhero flies in here to combat this villain.

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No, he was spamming all the 50state sites.

So, I would guess it was fairly widespread.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Aw -

A zombie?

Shoot. They couldn't even send a real (R). ****ers.