Friday fracking video


Was just discussing this the other day

with somebody who didn't want to spend a dime of taxpayers dollars capping off these wells or cleaning up the sites. Make the drillers pay for it. Which of course I agreed with, but I also explained how a healthy chunk of these companies are no longer in business. Bankruptcy, whatever, and the land itself was (mostly) leased, and the actual owners of the land (private, state, federal property) didn't earn enough lease or royalty income to cover the costs.

So there's two things (at least) we need to do, a) make sure new well drillers provide a funding mechanism for reclamation, and b) cough up the taxpayer funding to fix the orphaned wells already existing. And we need to do it soon, because the fugitive methane leaks from these tens of thousands of orphaned wells are a climate change nightmare.