Ginny Foxx on the Wireless!

From WautagaWatch:

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx will be interviewed live on Appalachian State University's campus radio station WASU 90.5 FM on Wednesday, April 12, from 7:30-8 p.m. She's supposed to answer questions from the audience during the program. Call in to (828) 264-4905.

I'll just add: Yes, they webcast.



A friend who knows the old Fox told me yesterday that she used to be a nice, moderate Republican with a conscience. He said watching her over the past five years has been like watching someone get seduced by the Dark Side. She has dumped her heart and soul to the Bush administration's deep black hole of immorality.

ooh, webcasting!

if i can figger out how t' plug the ol' crystal set into the internets, i'll listen!

maybe someone from the 5 can call her up and ask her why she urged her constituents to give to faith-based charities after the hurricane and then voted "no" on the katrina aid package?