GOP crusade against NCAE continues

Special laws for special enemies:

A state law passed last year required NCAE to have at least 40,000 members to qualify for payroll deductions from state employees. The law calls on the state auditor to verify the membership count every year...The law also singles out NCAE, which is the only group in the law that must have at least 40,000 total members to qualify for dues collections through payroll deductions.

For about a dozen other groups, such as the State Employees Association of North Carolina, the threshold is 2,000 members. In the audit report, SEANC is reported to have 52,900 members – and 32,033 were using the payroll deduction to pay dues.

This particular clause in the law is what's known as a "punitive" state action, as it sets aside a specific group for a regulatory burden others don't have to deal with. There are some rare cases where this is justified, but there must be an overarching "public good" to be attained. In this case, it's purely political, as evidenced by our idiot junior US Senator before he was prematurely elevated:

The legislature passed a law in 2011 barring NCAE from receiving direct payroll deductions of members’ dues. Democrats protested, saying the law was retaliatory.

That year, NCAE sent mailers into the districts of five House Democrats who were siding with Republicans on the state budget. In a closed-door meeting of House Republicans, then-House Speaker Thom Tillis said the House was going to vote on the dues bill as payback.

“The reason we’re doing it is because the NCAE has gone into all five districts with mailers hammering these Democrats,” Tillis said at the time. “It’s just a little taste of what’s to come.” He made his remarks in what House Republicans thought to be a private setting, but they were broadcast through the audio system in the Legislative Building and into the press room.

The GOP's fixation with the teacher's association, including their recent attempts to get Rodney Ellis fired or deprived of his retirement benefits, is nothing more than the behavior of an 8th-Grade bully. No shame, no effort to reason or understand, just brute power in an attempt to destroy or intimidate into silence. And until we fix the underlying cause in the ballot box, this will continue.



8th Grade Bullies

I've taught 8th grade bullies for nearly 30 years and I can assure you that they aren't nearly this shameless, unreasonable or brutal. ;>)

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Thanks to their gerrymandered majority from 2010

Republicans in Raleigh think they can get away with anything. They only have a handful of GOP primary voters to answer to, and those folks are perfectly happy with bullying. After all, they are the same ones who support Trump.