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John McCain is a party-pooper.

Bush/McCain Republicans want to privatize your social security, and after all look how successful their ideas have been for the free market, from a comment over at YouTube.

Total stock returns (S&P500) during eight year Presidential terms

Clinton 259%
Eisenhower 216%
Reagan 200%
Truman (7.8 years) 185%
Bush 6%

That is not 6% per year. That is 6% over the entire 7+ years. Imagine depending on Bush stock returns to secure your Social Security.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

More Bush/McCain good news.


Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Something needs to be done

Perhaps a hybrid system of required saving and real ownership of that savings is in order. The numbers for SS just don't add up. Someone like me under forty not only faces having to fund all the retiring baby boomers, they also should have no realistic hope that there will be any real benefits by the time we retire.

Many on the left tend to jump all over things like capital gains as if the only people benefitting from them are the rich and ultra rich. My generation must significantly save and invest so as to not be a financial burden to others when we get old. How will I get the several million dollars the charts tell me I need to retire on? I will continue to save and invest. Many people are not doing that or doing it enough. Don't forget Social Security is INSURANCE, not a RETIREMENT plan. Of course, I'll be one of those "evil" millionaires despite the fact that pretty much anyone my age or younger will need millions to safely retire on.

Current IRA's only go so far towards helping and encouraging people to save for their futures. If we are to avoid a disaster, we pretty much need to force people to save more and to give people ownership of those savings. In doing this, we also need to develop more tools to avoid overly penalizing, or even mischaracterizing, those of us who have vision enough to look beyond our noses and take responsibility for our financial future.

I probably won't retire for another thirty years and my retirement planning assumes there will be no Social Security money for me when I do retire.

Much Simpler Fix

Make everyone pay into the system, cap the benefits. Solvency achieved. (Assuming of course it isnt already solvent, which scary stories not withstanding it likely will be for a long time).

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I agree that something should be done, but not what...

many people believe. What needs to be done is cut the bullshit we have been fed over the years. I have been on SS for a few years now, and I do remember that going into the early 60s, the 'fund' was a separate entity, and was running at a huge surplus. So it was decided to join it with the 'general fund', so the pols could throw more expenses on it. When I went to sign up for Soc Sec, I expected to walk in and see a few other 'older guys' like myself, waiting to be processed. Instead I went into a room with about 130 people waiting for some cash, and the large percentage were about 30+ yrs younger than I was. The point is the original idea was working for seniors, but now is used to buy votes. When many here get their turn, most will not be oil men, or Bush buddies, so will be happy to have at least something to feed yourself, which, sadly is the case with some of our people. The 'best' of the civilized societies look out for their citizens, and that used to be a goal of the USA. But, instead, it has become a look out for Goldman, Sachs, or Bear Stearns, and kiss up to some billionaires who are selling this country down the river.

This is a great ad. I'm sending it to everyone I know.

McBush is disgraceful. He ditched his first wife and married his own social security plan. He doesn't need to worry about it.

Mr. Roosevelt is correct; Social Security is one of the strongest reflections of American Core Values - or maybe we should call it family values. I like the way he put it - a trust between generations.

Wonderful. Thanks for bringing this here, Robert.

Hagan: Honoring Social Security

Below is a statement from Kay Hagan to commemorate this historic date:

"Social Security has been a vital part of this country for the past 73 years, and will continue to be into the future."

"President Roosevelt’s visionary plan has helped millions of workers and their families realize part of the American dream. While Social Security is currently projected to be able to pay full benefits without any policy changes for 33 years, the next Congress and our new President will have work to continue honoring the promise between the government and Americans who have spent their lives working."

"The $9 trillion George Bush-sponsored and Republican-supported debt is the biggest threat to Social Security."

"When I’m in the U.S. Senate I’ll work with my colleagues to restore fiscal responsibility so we can increase the solvency of the Social Security system without limiting eligibility, reducing benefits, or privatizing any aspect of it."
- U.S. Senate Candidate Kay Hagan (D-NC)

---Disclaimer: I am Kay Hagan's Online Communications Director---