How I got here

I was going to change everything to my real name, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Everybody knows it's Nancy Miller Martin anyway...lovex7 can go bye bye. Also everybody knows that my brother is former Congressman Brad Miller. He and I were blogging here at the same time. I just looked it up and I have been a member for more than 8 years and Brad for longer than that.. Boy, am I behind.

One morning I was contacted by Nation Hahn. He told me that Clay Aiken was probably going to run for Congress and that it was a secret for now. I didn't tell anybody, but I was excited. Nation asked me to be a part of Clay's campaign if he decided to run. There is not much that Nation could ask me to do that I wouldn't do. It was also decided a short time later that several of us would meet Clay early in the morning in a parking lot before it was daylight for donuts. It was cold and I had just had eye surgery and my eyes looked like two slits. Almost as soon as Clay got out of the car we discovered that his campaign handlers were friends of my brother and had been for years. One of them had even worked for him. It was during this very short visit that I realized that Clay was not a celebrity. He was a local guy who happened to be able to sing his face off. This wasn't a surprise to me because the same thing had happened in my family. After my brother received all his degrees he was offered some fantastic jobs and his answer was always, "No, I want to go back to North Carolina and go into politics". Some people thought he was nuts, but he knew what he wanted to do. Clay has the same goal. I'm good with that, and I understand it. (my brother can't sing)

The thing that got me the most was Clay's love for children with disabilities. My son went to work as a camp counselor at Camp Easter, which was a camp for children and adults with disabilities, when he was in college. It was just going to be a summer job. He found his heart there. He worked at that camp until he transferred to ASU. He changed his major to Human Services. He has worked with the disabled his entire adult life. That's where he met his wife...he hired her. I know his heart, and I know Clay has the same kind of heart. My son will never be rich, but he has happy children and he plays with them in the rain.

If you think Clay doesn't know the issues, think again. Why do you think he is running? It's because he believes he can make a difference and nobody else seems to be doing it. Have a conversation with him and you will learn how much he knows and he will talk to you like your neighbor. I believe you judge people by their character. No matter what they do in life, that character is still there. Clay has an outstanding character and that's why he is my choice for Congress in District 2.

I will be blogging more as things come up, and I have some other people who are going to blog too.


Nancy Miller Martin, AKA Lovex7



After today there will be no

After today there will be no more comparisons to my family. They just happen to be who I know.


So wonderful to see you!

Would you like us to change your name for you? Happy to do so. Just say the word.

Yes, James. I want to be me.

Yes, James. I want to be me. Thank you. Have you met Clay? This first Blog was just about how I got where I am with Clay. I'm done with that now. I haven't blogged in a long time as you well know. You have some suggestions?


There you go, sweetie

I changed you name. :)

Welcome back!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It has already happened!

Didn't the confetti cannon go off to the sound of a trumpet fanfare?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hey, Nancy!

Give me a shout here or on Facebook. I want to help with this campaign. I'm in the same district, and really really want to see Clay elected.

And keep blogging!


Hello dear woman! So happy to see you here.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I really really want to see

I really really want to see him elected too. I am going to get somebody from his campaign to get in touch with you. Send me a message on Facebook with you phone number. Is Grace going to campaign too? I have no clout. I'm just a blogger. Yea, I said it.


Great to see you, Nancy!

And I have yet to see anything that makes me question Clay's determination or ability to work for us in Congress, just as I've yet to see anything from Ellmers that justifies keeping her there.

I surely do. :)

You were very encouraging to me when I first started blogging here. Made a big difference. I had just gone through a very discouraging novel publishing fiasco, and needed that kind of support badly.

Well, I am so happy I helped

Well, I am so happy I helped you. Now I need you to encourage me. I am cold. Ice cold. Betsy has tried to get me to come back for a long time, but I guess I was just too lazy or something. Now I have a purpose....Clay.


Earlier today I tweeted: Give

Earlier today I tweeted:

Give Renee Elmers "more time to get ready in the morning;" Vote for Clay Aikens!

Like it.

Wonder what she does that takes so long.



James or Betsy is going to change this to Nancy Miller Martin. And Betsy what do you mean that Brad got out of my way? Are you saying his light was brighter than mine?



No...I meant he was blocking your light!

...and that whole thing about having to be careful when a relative is an elected official. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I know you were...

Brad does have a big old bright light...but we just needed him to step aside for a sec so you could get around him. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I guess you would know

I guess you would know something about that. I'm so used to it that I don't tell anybody anything. If somebody asks me a question about somebody else I tell them to go ask that person. I figure everybody has their own story. I don't know anybody who doesn't. If you tell it it's just gossip. I'm sure I have made a few people mad at me for stopping them in mid sentence by saying, "Stop. that isn't your story to tell." And you would be surprised at how many people don't even slow down when I say that.


Clay told his own story in

Clay told his own story in his book and in his video. That's the way it should be.


Clay is really lucky to have you and the other

supporters who have taken the time to get to know him and we are lucky you have come back to make sure we stay up to date on the campaign and what we need to do to help Clay.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I don't know how lucky he is.

I don't know how lucky he is. Maybe with other people, but I'm more of a pain in his _ _ _.


Betsy, if I can get him still

Betsy, if I can get him still long enough to even ask him what he wants or needs, I'll be very lucky. He is the Energizer Bunny for sure.


That is a great thing in a candidate

My mother runs circles around me...which is a little embarrassing since I'm 20+ years her junior.

His energy will be a huge benefit out on the road. It will be fun watching this campaign from afar.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Other Bloggers

I think I said something like "I have other bloggers". That is so wrong. They aren't my bloggers. I just like them.


Love it

"I have other bloggers."

We want some, too. Perhaps We should acquire a few.

Jake, you are making me feel

Jake, you are making me feel so good. I have been gone for a long time, but I came back and here you are. How great is that??? Everybody has been wonderful. I have to do everything I can to get my guy elected. He's like the Energizer Bunny on steriods, so he could never sit still to write his own blog.
Now we will have more than Moral Mondays. Please jump in on any blog I have. Clay is the reason I am back. He brought my passion for blogging back. Plus I do go way back with Betsy and James. You can't beat them. Clay's campaign can use all the help they can get if you are available.


You know there are people who

You know there are people who think I am a lunatic, but it's okay. You can get by with more if people think you are crazy.


Rectangle Round Table

Clay had a round table in Fayetteville Wednesday night to talk and especially listen to the military community. There was a great group of people and I knew some of them and had mutual friends with some of them. There were a couple of retired generals, a couple of retired colonels, and a couple of civilian workers from Fort Bragg, elected officials, a military spouse, etc....a lot of people connected to the military. Clay got into the weeds..."what are we doing with the untrained military personnel who are coming back from war with no skills (and sometimes mental issues and/or injuries) that they can use in civilian life?" They talked about what little is being done and what can be done to change it. Some people already had some good plans and everybody agreed that we HAVE to do something. Since the generals and colonels are retired they could openly say that the representative we have now is doing nothing and never has. That's got to change.

You should have been there if you have any doubts about how you are going to vote. Clay was engaged in everything they said. If he didn't understand something, he wanted it explained to him again until he understood. Those of us who have been with him since the beginning were very proud and those who were just meeting him were very impressed.

You have another chance to meet Clay (or see him again):

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 PM He will be @ SkyView on Hay located at 121 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301. An individaul ticket is $25. RSVP: events or Call 919-297-8466 X1001.
It's going to be great fun. Remember... we need him more than he needs us.

Hope to see you there.