I'm Not Worthy!

BlueNC won't let me go to "more" blogs. It says I'm not allowed to view them. I'm sorry. Am I being punished?



That's funny....

I think my entire family (and wife's family) will be in Greensboro this weekend. Also, I'm in Atlanta but probably won't be bumping into Lance. This is a weekend of near-misses for me.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Oh Poo....don't worry, though

After the election (Maybe even after the holidays, we'll all get together for a planning session....or just to chat.

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I hope so, really want to meet you guys face to face

Seems that everything is going too fast these days and can't fit it all in...hope we do this!

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