Jesus to Judas: You're the man

Theocrats all across North Carolina will be crying in their watery wine tonight. The startling new discovery of the 1700 year old Gospel of Judas - authenticated by some of the most prestigious Biblical scholars - reports that the other gospel writers got the story all wrong.

The Gospel of Judas portrays Judas Iscariot not as a betrayer of Jesus, but as his most favored disciple and willing collaborator.

I wonder what the Bible-as-a-school-textbook crowd over in Greensboro will say now that another pillar of the good book has been toppled. Actually, I don't wonder at all. They'll say the Bible that they know and love . . . the one personally approved by their personal God . . . is the only real Bible, and that all those other stories written at the same time as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are nothing but the work of the devil.


Today has been so much fun

Don't get me started on mistranslations of the bible. All those verses supposedly about homosexuality? Several of them are REALLY about men supposed to abstain from sex with each other during religious rituals!

And the evils of sodomy? Sodomites were mean to strangers and neighbors. If they were gay, why did Lot "offer up" his daughters to them to get them to leave him alone? Their sin was in being judgmental and abusive to those they didn't understand. I'm not being all that clear but the actual sin of sodomy is more akin to homophobia and racism, than any sexual misconduct.

I love this stuff.

Misquoting Jesus

Have you read this book by a UNC professor here in Chapel Hill? It's really quite a behind-the-scenes look at how the Bible came to be. Fascinating stuff.

it sounds up my alley

I've read some of the history but it's so incredible that people base their lives on specific phrases they've probably completely misinterpreted while ignoring the overall messages of Jesus' life . . . I would love to hear more. Got a name for me to google?

Here you go, DQ.

I'd give you mine, but I use it regularly for all sorts of things (like the novel I'm writing).

Misquoting Jesus.

And Judas tossed Jesus out of the ice breaker?

A Prof down at a school in Fla has come up with a brilliant
idea that Jesus walk on a Ice Berg to impress his followers.

Hell! Why stop there ole ye of little faith. Why not the moon
with the Roman 10 th legion clearing the dust in front of him.

Yeh, I read that one too.

I guess no one really knows what he did or didn't do . . . which is why they call it faith. No?