Kos on the radio

I got an e-mail from someone who is producing The State of Things on WUNC 91.5 FM tomorrow (5/9/06) with Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong on their Crashing the Gate book tour. She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to me about some local context for blogging or to have me on the show.

Everyone, including national bloggers like Markos, talks about the importance of local politics, but not a lot of folks are doing anything about it. I suggested to the producer that she contact Lance from Blue NC as well, since that's more relevant than dailyKOS. At this point, she hasn't even called me. So don't look for a lot of local relevance on the radio tomorrow, I guess.

No need to invite your readers to contact the show, but thank you for the offer. If anything, you could give them our email address to send comments and questions to during the program (sot@wunc.org). But, we'd prefer to keep the phone lines as free as possible if your readers are already tech savvy! Thanks!


I was wondering if there are any other events with Markos and Jermoe this week since I'm not going to the book signing on Friday. Please drop me a line or add a comment if so.


Thanks for the heads up, Ruby.

Kos and Jerome are stirring up quite a frenzy of coverage with all his touring, but aside from the Independent, it's not clear who, if anyone, is digging in on the local angles. I guess when you're in the media elite, you don't like to cover the competition. :)

Ruby, thanks.

There are a number of us here who would be good interview subjects. I'll have to try to remember to listen to the old SOT tomorrow.

Pile of books at Malaprops

Was in Asheville this weekend. Kos' signed books were piled up at Malaprops.

Someone seeing me looking at the book asked me what I thought... I said Kos talked a pretty good national game but didn't seem to understand "all politics start local"...She nodded her head and said that was her impression also...

I'd love to listen to ruby and him go toe-to-toe again ala SxSWi


Are there any other Kos/Jerome events this week?


I never heard a peep from the producer. Kind of annoyed that she contacted me at all now. The guests are Jerome and a PoliSci professor from NC State.

You can listen to this show when it's over at http://wunc.org/tsot/

Why am I listening to this?

Markos joined the call after the break.

The host Frank Stasio now says "let's localize this" and want to talk about whether the new democratic wave is happening in NC. Markos says yes, there are some competitive seats here, and moves on to something else.

PoliSci Prof says the DP is strong in NC (really?) and that voters see it as distinct from national Dems. Hence their success at statewide offices like Council of State, while losing in federal races.

Markos and Jerome keep coming back to the theme of "democrats who aren't afraid to be democrats."

Can't believe this mush...

It'd be nice if the producers had done a little research. A quick check of BlueNC or OP would show that folk have been asking the Dem leadeship to become "democrats who aren't afraid to be democrats."

Addicted to fame

Comparing Kos to Limbaugh - interesting....

I caught the tail end

which seemed pretty lame and silly. Stasio was at his worst, and reminded me why I almost never listen to the show. I wonder why they wonder why I've stopped supporting their station.

analysis, anyone?

Is it that the radio station is lame, the host uninformed, or that what we're doing still so new that even supposedly informed media professionals don't understand its implications?

As, I posted sunday (i think?), the DFA says political blogs aren't affecting turnout. Yet Dean they do help fundraising. Obviously, the national ones have occasionally affected legislators' votes through encouraging their audiences to pressure via calls and e-mails.

I think blogs like BlueNC are just ahead of the curve and until there are established results, no one is going to go out on a limb and admit what is happening.

I've tried my best to get some great political activists in the area to blog here but they just look at me confused, like I'm wasting their time.

We're part of a publicly organized stealth campaign. If they don't know our power, they won't engage in effective counter-measures, right?