Larry Kissell's First Official Challenger

Larry Kissell has his first official challenger, 27 year old Blair Sweeney of Charlotte. Papers were filed last week with the IRS and the FEC for the Blair Sweeney Congressional Committee by Thomas Blair Sweeney running as a Republican in the 8th District. Sweeney is a registered Republican with an address in the 9th District since 2004.

Sweeney, was active in student government at UNC Chapel Hill where he was majoring in Political Science 2001-04. He graduated from South Caldwell High School in Hudson NC in 2000. He was involved in Orange County politics, was a Democratic volunteer and was a campaign director for Delmas Parker's Congressional campaign in the 5th District. Parker is currently 2nd Vice-Chair of the NC Democratic Party.

Professionally Sweeney has been involved in the development and management of multi-unit housing, particularly student housing, most notably with Franklin Holdings of Charlotte. His website is still under construction.

Note: Fayetteville businessman Lou Huddleston announced last week he was running against Kissell but has yet to file.

Update: Blair Sweeney responds that he does not intend to run and that forms were filed as a matter of due diligence. See comment below.


The race has begun

You read it here first.

8th or 9th

What's with these guys that they can't run in the districts where they live?

Run & Hide

They want to be able to run and then hide when they lose?

Run Dog! Run!

What's with these guys that they can't run in the districts where they live?* James

Heck! I have been thinking of running my Dog against Virgina Foxx, but his Owner lives outside of the District and is on a lease..........

Please run the dog

I bet it is better looking. (God, forgive me for saying that, I know it was evil).


Blair Sweeney responds

I contacted Blair Sweeney about his filing and received the following prompt and polite response:

I seriously considered running for Congress in the 8th; however, for many reasons, I have decided that I will not seek election in 2010.  I filed the forms that you have identified with FEC and the IRS only because of my obligation under federal law to do so.  I have not and will not file forms that would cause my name to appear on the ballot.

Very, very strange. Thanks

Very, very strange. Thanks for sharing though -

Not strange at all, really

It is all about a kid being told to do something then wilting under the heat. Love how we've squelched this one, although it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Kissell would have killed him.