Live video of NC teacher rally in Raleigh



WRAL gets a blue star for the day

But that only represents 10% of your overall grade for the semester, so keep taking your copious notes and pay attention! I know that's not chewing gum in your mouth...

The CNN video feed comes from WRAL


What in the world. I was so excited. Thanks for posting this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Teachers have made a very

Teachers have made a very effective presentation here today in Raleigh, through sheer numbers and the color red. When thousands show up in the same color the solidarity is obvious. Arial photos show the tremendous size of the crowd.

The new security system manages to stiffle the number of people who can actually get into the building, and also manages to make it very difficult for all NC citizens to move from the NCGA building to the offices of their reps in the LOB. As the session progresses, moving back and forth between the buildings for committee meetings will prove to be annoying.

Security staff has been helpful in trying to speed up the process, and, as far as I've seen, been nice to people coming and going.

The galleries were packed when the sessions were opened. Chants of Remember! Remember! We vote in November! led to the clearing of the galleries.

Protest signs were great:

NC: 1st in flight, 39th in student spending.

Teacher thug

My bra provides more support than you.

My second job paid for my sign.

How will underpaying teachers make the state attractive to new business??

My personal favorite:

If this were college basketball 37th wouldn't be okay.

I made my calls

(919) 733-5708

I left voicemails with the NC House & Senate leadership saying my name, my county, and that I support funding for teachers, classrooms, & our public schools. I only wish I could have been there in person!