Lunatic fringe, we all know you're out there


Part of the new civil war "Boogaloo" crowd

Triad City Beat has a piece on these misfits this morning. They're part of a movement to spark a new civil war in a plan they call "The Boogalo" on Facebook.

“This is a call to arms,” the Facebook account Blue Igloo posted on the open page for the “Protect the 1st Amendment” event on April 14. “I’m going to need every able-bodied man to pack up your gear and plan for peaceful assembly at this very spot on May 1st. Call your brothers from other states.” ...

One supporter responded: “They’re called guns. Show up ready to use them. I’m tired of this shit. I’m not going to any more protests unless serious men come and are ready to defend our lives and liberties. I’m ready and willing; are the rest of you?”