Making a Molehill out of a Mountain?

There's a a primary a'brewing in NC House district 98 (Mecklenburg County). It has been a hot topic of discussion here at BlueNC, and has been profiled as a showdown between the new guard and old guard Republicans in the South. Sounds spicy, right? But according to Joseph Coletti over at the Locker Room, the race isn't about much more than cafeteria food. Are these guys paying attention?

To be fair, Coletti attributes the minimizing assertion to the Charlotte Observer, but he repeats it unchallenged.


Coletti = bit player in the Puppetshow

but he sure does know his lines!


State power = bad
Big bidness selling shitty food to kids = good


Here's one more he should rehearse:

Simple minded rhetoric about free market madness = JLF


PS Sorry I'm not around more today. Unlike Mr. Coletti, who's paid by JLF using tax-deductible contributions from big bidness, some of us have real jobs.

I'm just popping in from a packing break

Why in Heaven's name would anyone name their site after a smelly, musty, nasty place like a locker room? Ewwwww Makes me think all those boys over at the John Locke place are spending too much time thinking about nekkid smelly men heading for the lockers. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Maybe they should call it the

Schlocker Room?

What is in a Name beside John?

Why in Heaven's name would anyone name their site after a smelly, musty, nasty place like a locker room?*SD

Yes! I have asked myself that many times!

As John Locke Ghost, I never could understand how a bunch
of millionare redneck free markets idiots in North Carolina could steal my name. I was a Brit protectionist and believe in Empire
building for King and country. I also believe that all men
were good and didn't have any evil in their nature. Thus
A paradise could be build on Earth in real life without Women.

The American founders gave me hell for believing all men
were good and fiqure to stop power control freaks like good
men like me could rule your personal lives without conflict
as we could all live in peace. Maybe that rich
frat boy Art could be right after all?
and use it in the 21 st century.