Marshall tees up Burr for vote on rape legislation

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As most of you know, Richard Burr was one of the 30 Republicans who voted against an amendment that would require corporations to allow sexual assault cases to go to court rather than arbitration. Well, today, his opponent, Elaine Marshall, slammed him for it.

"Senator Burr has obviously been in Washington too long," said Marshall, who is one of two Democrats who say they will challenge Burr's 2010 bid for a second term. She is also a founder of a rape crisis center. "This is a clear-cut case of right versus wrong, and Richard Burr got it wrong."

Burr also got slammed by Jon Stewart--haven't been able to find video of that yet.

Burr's defense? According to his spokesman, David Ward, it would be taking money out of contractors' pockets.

But Ward, Burr's spokesman, said the Franken amendment would not protect women from rape, but would prevent contractors from getting paid. He said that the Defense Department under President Barack Obama opposed the amendment and that such arbitration agreements are nonbinding when it comes to criminal acts such as rape. Crimes can still be prosecuted by the government.

"Unfortunately," Ward said, "the Franken amendment was a cynical attempt by the trial lawyers to eliminate arbitration agreements, which limit their fees, behind the guise of protecting women."

Oooh, those evil lawyers again. And as far as Obama opposing it--I can't verify that at present. However, I find it hard to believe Obama wouldn't be behind this--for the simple fact Michelle would likely make him sleep on the couch if he did.

Elaine's right--after 14 years, Burr has proven he needs to go back to Winston-Salem. Send her some love either at her site or at ActBlue.


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I like how Elaine is taking it to him. Burr toed the Republican party line on the wrong issue this time.

By the way, the Obama administration is, to my knowledge, on the wrong side of this question, not only with this specific legislation, but also with his continuing reliance on mercenary contractors.'s something about this:

"Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) offered an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill that would withhold defense contracts to companies who prevent victims from filing lawsuits against sexual assault and harassment."

Now, everyone, how could ANY company not be against anyone filing lawsuits against sexual assault and harassment??????????

This is absurd, y'all.

Thanks for digging this up

I'm going to make it a separate post ... good stuff.