McCain has no ground game in North Carolina

Let's see here. Just about every poll indicates North Carolina is clearly a swing state in this election. And yet, where is John McCain running his campaign here? In Florida.

By late July, Obama had 11 campaign offices in the state. McCain, who coasted to a 74 percent win in a primary held two months after he had clinched the Republican nomination, was still (as of midsummer) coordinating his North Carolina campaign out of a regional office in Tallahassee, Fla.

Now, even if you allow for our blue-tinted glasses, this is a colossal strategic blunder on McCain's part. Is he counting on some silent majority we don't know about?

To be truthful, I don't find this nearly as hard to believe--after all, he hasn't opened any offices in Indiana either. Some Indiana Kossacks suggested that McCain isn't opening any offices there because if he loses Indiana, he's probably lost the election. Could McCain be thinking the same thing about North Carolina.


No ground game

No air game. No game period.

Jesus Swept, this December

Bill Bradley Effect

I think that McCain is probably suffering from a type of Bradley effect, but a white-man's Bradley effect. I'll bet that a lot of conservatives are saying they will vote for him, but in their heart they are really disappointed in him. They don't want to vote for a black man {gasp}, but they don't like McCain. So, they say they will vote for him, but they aren't giving him money and they aren't working for him.


Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I think you're right.

I wonder if they will vote for him, or just leave the Presidential box unchecked?

Anyone who watches the news these days - whether they watch Keith Olbermann or Faux news - has to be afraid of John McCain becoming president. His bellicose statements in regards to the Russian invasion of Georgia, his inability to grasp even the most basic of facts of the relationships of various groups in Iraq, and the fact that he called his wife a ...well, we all know what he called her - those things should all add up to an "anyone but McCain" ideology.

And then you see Obama. He is calm, smart, gets good advice, and speaks fairly about the situations happening in the world. He behaves in the manner one would want a President to behave.

I hope the folks who can't bring themselves to vote for Obama because of his race and don't like McCain because he's well - McCain - just stay home on election day.

Waiting The Out Come

Good morning,While its quite true of McCain's lack of people on the ground in NC I still have my doubts that Barack can win in NC. Sadly put NC is still a racist state to put it plain and simple. Its also a republican elitist state. I work as a volunteer for Barack Obama in Winston Salem and have seen samples of both through out the campaign. Unless we really push this through I regret to see the out come once the dust settles. SjB


We are indeed a racist state

and many people will be motivated to try to stop Obama out of pure racial hatred. They would rather see a lying, adulterous, gold-digging warmonger in the White House than Jesus Christ himself, if Jesus were a black man.

Thanks for volunteering in Winston-Salem. Hopefully your anecdotal evidence represents a sufficiently small minority that racism won't carry the day.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family