Millionaires for McCrory

Wealthy Republican donors have been lining up to contribute to an ad campaign for Pat McCrory in amounts far in excess of normal $4,000 contribution limits and it's all perfectly legal. Last week the Republican Governor's Association reported spending on an anti-Perdue ad and reported contributions to the RGA NC 2008 PAC of $616,500 from 23 wealthy donors, an average contribution of $26,804 per person.

Receipts reported last week but actually received on various dates in May through July come from all over the country including New York hedge fund manager Cliff Asness* $25,000, Texas Christian weight loss business owner Gary Heavin* $50,000, Illinois financier and political patron Ron Gidwitz* $25,000, Mississippi millionaire James Barksdale*, former Netscape CEO, $100,000, Georgia car hauler manufacturer Mike Cottrell *$25,000, Illinois investment banker Bruce Rauner* $25,000, Minnesota broadcaster Stanley Hubbard* $10,000, Colorado brewery owner and right-wing funder Pete Coors* $25,000, New York businessman Philip Geier* $25,000, Maryland policy adviser and businessman Dan Crippen* $25,000, Florida auto dealer Wilfred Templeton $25,000, California investment manager William Powers $10,000 and Texas computer billionaire Michael Dell $50,000, California businessman, former Giants owner, Peter McGowan $25,000, Georgia businessman, American Protein owner, Thomas Bagwell, $25,000, North Carolina Martin Marietta executive Stephen Zelnack $10,000.

The report also shows $28,442.50 paid to a production company for an ad directed at Beverly Perdue. Names marked with an asterisk* were previously reported to the SBOE as contributions to RGA NC 2008 PAC while others listed are new. It's still not clear if individual donors knew they were contributing to the NC independent expenditure committee. The only hint on the RGA donation website is a small disclaimer that "Contributions to the RGA may be used in one of the RGA's affiliated state PACs." The News & Observer has reported that the RGA plans to spend $3.5 million for ads supporting McCrory

Looks like Michael Dell isn't happy with the $300 million in tax incentives he got from North Carolina.

Update: The same contributions of Asness, Barksdale, Coors, Cottrell, Crippen, Geier, Gidwitz, Heavin, Hubbard, and Rauner were also reported to the IRS as contributions to the Republican Governors Association. It is clear that the RGA is cherry picking individual contributions to the RGA and assigning them to the RGA NC 2008 PAC. This has not been reported to the IRS and the transfer from RGA to the RGA NC 2008 PAC has not been fully reported to the State Board of Elections.


Great research, Greg.

Great research, Greg.


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Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

Dude you're getting a Dell

"and Texas computer billionaire Michael Dell $50,000,"

That's another reason not to buy Dell products...

We are losing 100,000 acres of prime forest, farmlands and open spaces for parks and recreation to development each year.

"Jesus was a community organizer while Pontius Pilate was governor."
--Jim Hightower

Great Job, Greg!

This kind of research that shows that bloggers are the wave of the future in political reporting, in my opinion.

I guess you have no objections to the Alliance for NC

If you look at the Campaign Finance filing for the Alliance for North Carolina, they took a $250,000 contribution from the Service Employees Union. Talk about influence and special interests. Be consistent.

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

Check the contributions to the Service Employees Union

Where do unions get their money? Fat cat CEOs? Nah....thinking that's not the case. Usually, unions get their contributions from workers. Workers who aren't worth millions or billions. Workers who have to pool their resources in order to have any influence at all. Workers who can't write $50,000 checks to influence an election.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Yep, you're right

Workers who are forced to pay dues, workers who have no say how their money is spent on political campaigns (think check off funds), workers who are sold out by their union bosses, workers who watch overpaid union leaders steal money, build lavish homes, pay cronines excessive salaries for jobs that require no work, seek pay raises greater than 11% (re: Boeing) then go out on strike. Airbus has gotta love that.

Right to work, right to work, right to work. By the way, how is GM doing today????

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

Forced, really?

Wow....and I thought they voted the union in to protect them from greedy corporate bosses who wanted to overwork, underpay and provide inadequate benefits. Silly me.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Perdue for workers, McCrory? Not so much

You're shooting with old ammunition.

North Carolina is a Right to Work state and various Supreme Court rulings have articulated limitations on Forced Political Speech. You need to back up sweeping accusations with fact.

McCrory didn't support minimum wage for Charlotte workers. There's little doubt that workers will be better represented by Perdue.

GM workers can produce fuel efficient cars that are in demand as easily as gas guzzlers that GM has unsuccessfully marketed.

I am consistent

Framing something I said as something I didn't say and demanding consistency is not a valid argument.

The RGA PAC different from the Alliance in that the RGA NC 2008 PAC is set up under a new state law to target a specific race with unlimited funds from individuals. There is no evidence that these wealthy individuals sent their money to this particular fund. It has been diverted by the RGA and should be subject to the same rules that apply to the Alliance.

Millionaries for Republicans

One of my wealthy clients had a glossy, black-tie event photo of themselves with Rudy Giuliani in their foyer when I was working in their home last fall. Wonder how that's paying off for them.

I hope the state news papers will report this story. Do you think letters to the editors will help?

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