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This story on MSNBC reminded me of our Sunday shooting discussion, which reminded me of my visit to China two summers ago, where I took this photo in a national park.

Normally adventurous Chinese diners are eating fewer owls, civets and other wildlife due to fears of SARS and bird flu, according to a survey released Tuesday by U.S. and Chinese conservation groups. The survey of 24,000 people in 16 cities found that nearly 72 percent had not eaten wild animals in the past year, up from 51 percent in a similar 1999 survey, said San Francisco-based WildAid and the official China Wildlife Conservation Association.

“Although not everybody believed that civets were to blame for SARS, the market still has been shrinking. Fewer and fewer people consume civets,” Yin Feng, a researcher for the Chinese group, said at a news conference.


Art "Wildlife" Pope

as a tag is totally gratuitous. I figure one of these days some enterprising young intern will be digging up dirt on the Puppetmaster and come across this photo -- and wonder what the hell we were talking about.

Or maybe not.

Anglico, stop screwing with the archaeologists.

I'm reminded of a Simpsons scene where Bart writes his name in wet cement and fantasizes about what future citizens will think. Flash forward:

Woman: Like Stonehenge, this site will forever be a mystery. Who was Bart? And how did he manage to write his name in solid cement?

Man 1: He must have been much smarter than his sister Lisa -- about whom we know nothing.

Man 2: Say, let's bring him back to life by using technology!
[shoots a ray; Bart materializes]

Bart: Ay, Caramba!
[everyone applauds]

[Bart pulls out a yoyo and starts using it]

Everyone: Ooh! Aah.

Man 1: What's normal to him amazes us.

Man 2: He will be our new god.

Everyone: Yay!