My GPS hates me, but guess what, I know Raleigh without you.

On Wednesday I decided to use my GPS to go to Clay Aiken's shindig at the Southland Ballroom. I lived in Raleigh for years, but it has been awhile. Since I was traveling alone, I thought it would make me feel more secure. When I was about half way there it started giving me directions from my house in Fayetteville again. That was kinda the end of the security part. After driving for about 45 minutes and it didn't get any better, I put the GPS in my trunk so I wouldn't throw it out the window. We won't even talk about why I was traveling alone.

The first people I talked to were Nick and Tucker. Nick said he never uses a GPS. I might give it another chance. It worked fine for a long time, but the trust is gone.

The first people I saw when I went into the ballroom were people I have known for a long time. They are friends of my bother and also friends and big supporters of Clay. One of them was telling me that for the longest time they couldn't believe or figure out why Brad had such phenomenal numbers in his wins. (his words). When he told me what they had figured out I knew Clay could do that too. It's amazing to see someone come on the scene in politics and win so many people over so fast. After he made his speech and walked back down to the floor, he was mobbed again. In a crowd like that, you need to win people over, but with his charisma, that's not a problem. They loved him. Everywhere he goes, the people love him.

I didn't stay long, but I stayed long enough to meet Parker.

When I was leaving I was in the middle of the concert traffic, but it didn't bother me too much. I travel to DC, so that was a piece of cake. The GPS is still in my trunk. I'm thinking about it.

Tomorrow it's James Taylor. We like to stick to North Carolina.