NC DMV also received subpoena for voting-related records

But apparently tried to keep it hush-hush:

In a further sign of the sprawling nature of the Justice Department’s effort to collect voting records in North Carolina, prosecutors demanded eight years of information from the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles, according to a copy of the subpoena obtained by The New York Times.

The subpoena to the state D.M.V., like those to the state and county elections boards, was issued on Aug. 31 and set a Sept. 25 deadline for the records. A department spokesperson, who previously denied that the agency had been subpoenaed, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Three things: 1) You're already neck-deep in controversy and bad press over the wait times for Real ID, 2) NC-based journalists are not likely to appreciate being scooped on this by the New York Times, and 3) Your continued refusal to acknowledge (publicly) your department has been subpoenaed makes you look foolish and timid as a new-born kitten, especially considering the Attorney General has officially challenged these subpoenas. Here's what the Feds want from the DMV:

Under federal law, residents seeking to obtain or renew a driver’s license must be offered a chance to register to vote. The demand from the government seeks voter-registration forms submitted to the North Carolina D.M.V. by an array of applicants since 2010. The applicants include those who are foreign-born, said they were not citizens, did not produce a driver’s license as proof of identification, or displayed nonimmigrant visas or other documents “that reflect the applicant was not a United States citizen.”

The order also asks for applications completed in a language other than English, and for applications that had been revoked, denied, deemed fraudulent, incorrectly filed or “found to have other irregularities.”

As with the BoE records requested, the net result for this investigation will probably be small, maybe a few dozen more to add to their list of foreigners trying to vote. But the amount of work it will entail will be heinous, crippling the DMV when it's already on the rocks over Real ID demands. A big "Hell no!" is in order.



There's a pattern here and someone needs to check it out

Remember 2014, when the NC legislator and McCrory was all up in arms about voter fraud and pushed through sharing of detailed voter information with Kobach's scam? Remember how it came out that it just happened to coincide with Cambridge Analytica doing a "test run" of their methods for the Tillis campaign and other NC GOP races that year? Remember that the NC GOP never revealed exactly what information was shared with Kobach and what exactly happened to it?

The illegal voter stuff is a ruse - someone wants detailed voter information for NC residents for some likely illegal purpose. And they want it bad enough again to go to these extreme lengths to get it.

If you're looking for illegal voters, there are other, less invasive ways to do this. If you're wanting just to tie up the Board of Elections in a legal mess just before an election, again, there are other ways to do it.

Why does ICE want this data? What will their attorneys do with it? Who are they sharing it with?