New poll--Hagan 50, Dole 45; McCain 47, Obama 44; Perdue-McCrory tied at 46

Very good news from a new poll by Democracy Corps. On the Senate side, Kay Hagan leads for the first time in any credible statewide poll, while the presidential and gubernatorial races are still touching-me close.

On the Senate side, Hagan leads Liddy Dole by five points, 50-45. On the presidential side, McCain leads Obama, 47-44. On the governor's side, Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory are in a flat-footed tie, 46 percent apiece.

One internal that should make Dole nervous--only 45 percent of her voters are certain they will vote for her, while 50 percent of Hagan's voters have already made up their minds. And her approval/disapproval ratings are a flat-footed tie--39 percent disapprove, 38 percent approve.

The news isn't as good for the presidential side--56 percent of voters feel the candidates' religion will be an important factor in deciding their vote. While this may mean hyperfundies are the only thing saving McCain's bacon here, it also means Obama might need to smooth things over with born-again voters here.


Why would Obama have to smooth things over?

The man has made no bones about his Christian faith. John McCain, on the other hand, has not mentioned his, except for the famous Purpose-Driven Interview.

I am honestly confused about this. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have shown that they walk the walk that Jesus talked - why does that have to be addressed yet again for "born again" voters?


Another reason I stopped being a Republican- the unbreakable tie between religion and politics.

I vote for the person, not the church they go to or don't go to. I live in a small town and have attended services in many of the churches here. Just by my non-scientific observations, the biggest jerks in town seem to be the most active in church from singing the loudest to serving as elders. Clearly one's outward signs of religious dedication and activity are not a guarantee of good character.

To any politician: show me you are a good and fair person who will do your best to make good decisions. Don't tell me how many hours per week you read the bible or how God told you to start a war or pass a tax cut.