New polls: Bad news for Liddy

Kos brings us some very heartening numbers--Liddy is polling, shall we say, terribly against either Neal or Hagan. As in below 50 percent against two second-tier candidates.

Think about it. You're an incumbent Senator. You were president of the Red Cross for years. You'd think you'd be absolutely killing anyone already in the running, right? Not if you're Liddy.

Against Neal, Dole is pulling only 47 percent to Neal's 32 percent. Against Hagan, Dole does about the same--46 percent to Hagan's 33 percent. Now remember--Dole is below 50 percent is against two relatively unknown, second-tier candidates.

Perhaps the party brand might be a drag on her--in the poll for Neal, 44% of respondents said they'd support a Dem to only 40% for a Repub. In both polls, Shrub's approval ratings are in the low 40s.

Richard Burr isn't doing too hot either ... only 30% approve of his performance vs. 34% disapproval.

Translation--it's not a good time to be a Repub in NC.


Thanks CDNC

The guys at Public Policy Polling do a great job. They also post here too.