NO OLF on North Carolina Now

It must be a re-run? I'm wondering if any of our own NO OLF bloggers are on this show. John Morrison speaking. Several residents I missed. Did you know that the field ends right before Blackwater?

Jeff Jennings, talking about his pay acres being taken away by the OLF. Rear Admiral David Johnson (?) "We have to find a field to support National Security." No, this is not a re-run, they are talking about the future fight, not the first Washington County. "There is no other site the government owns where we can build this." Gates and Camden county up for the OLF this time.

"I live 5 miles from Oceania (sp?) and I never hear a jet." Really?


I lived in Norfolk, about 15 miles from Oceana

I heard Jets all day log for three years. Of course I was in the Marines at the time and did not pay much mind the noise, but I was not a property owner. There is a difference. In any case, Oceana and the navy freely allowed the urban creep toward the Air station with impunity.

Now it is a problem for them and they want to dump this problem on North Carolina and her citizens. NO WAY JOSE!

We must continue to organize and pressure our elected officials to stand oin the side of the citizens of NC.

Using the "National Security" cry is not justified or valid in this case. Dont fall for that.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

If it was a national security issue

bush would have had chenney do a nobid contract with holyburton years ago and Pocosin Wildlife Refugee would be filled in, the birds poisoned, and Washington County would have a nice shiny new runway right now.

NO, this is not about national security, but about the viability of Oceana! About the mismanagement of the Navy and the cities of hampton roads.

it is about making a poor county pay to defend themselfs.

Now the new EIS is going to be about supporting the planes of NS Norfolk (E-2 and C-2) and Oceana, all the F-18s for 5 airwings (20 or so squadrons). Whats funny is these same planes were studied under the old EIS and a second OLF was not required.

Under this new EIS, the Navy is going to show a "genuine" need for this OLF. After all, the Navy did a thorough reassessment of the requirements for the training mission of carrier aviation on the East Coast. The Navy will say, one OLF will not support the mission of Oceana and Norfolk. Each of these fields should have an OLF all their own.

I was just off camera

if that was the Feb 6 meeting at Camden High cafeteria. The guy from Perquimans County is the president of my county's NO OLF movement. He mentioned me if they showed him.

I missed the airing of that.