Obama only down 2 in Georgia--but is this legit?

Good news for us--if a poll out of Georgia is legitimate, McCain may have to take some money he wanted to spend in Charlotte, the Triangle or the Triad and spend it in Atlanta.

InsiderAdvantage has released a new poll showing McCain with 46 percent of the vote in Georgia to Obama's 44 percent--well within the 4.3 percent margin of error. The only thing that makes me question its legitimacy is the lack of internals.

The poll also shows that many Georgians (51 percent, in fact) are willing to take a second look at Obama if Sam Nunn's tapped as his running mate. But no internals for that either--and nothing on how many McCain supporters might hop the fence.

Still, if this poll is legitimate, it's really bad news for McCain--and good news for us here on the other side of I-85. After all, if he has to make a huge buy in Atlanta, he can't spend as much in Charlotte, the Triangle or the Triad.

And to think if Hillary had run, just about the entire East Coast from Virginia to Georgia would have been locked up tight for McCain.