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The New York Times has a GREAT article on the Iranian missiles that you have to read to understand this picture. But, regardless. Look at that truck, look at that missile. Who else thought these Iranian missiles were MUCH bigger than that? Granted, I don't want one landing in my backyard, but still.


Rest easy then!

The chance of one landing in your back yard is about the same as Bush being sorry for Iraq.

Liberalism as a badge of honor!
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Liberalism as a badge of honor!
No apologies, no excuses.

What You're Looking At

The missile on the launcher is either a Shahab-1 or a Shahab-2, both are 'Scud' derivatives, -B and -C types, respectively, and are approximately 10-12 meters in length. The Scud-A, is essentially a refinement of the German V-2, the -B is a domestic refinement of the -A, sold throughout the world, and the -C is a broad classification of indigenously produced Scud derivatives, produced in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea, amongst others.

Both the Shahab-1 and -2 are relatively old models, the 2,000km range Shahab-3/3B, first tested in the late 1990s, however is of much greater concern, due to its longer range and higher payload, although it's design still traces back to von Braun. (The Shahab-3 is believed to be the same as the North Korean NoDong-1, though no definitive proof has yet surfaced that they are exactly the same.)

The "truck" that you're referring to is a Transporter-Erector-Launcher trailer. It's approximately 12-15 meters in length, about the size of a large city bus.

Finally, size has little to do with destructive power, though, in most cases of relatively low-technology rockets, it does impact range. The Soviets fielded the FROG-7, during the cold war, a 10-meter rocket with a 70km range that was capable of carrying a low-yield nuclear warhead.

So lousy with metrics

but googling it came up with 70 Km = 43.496 miles. That doesn't seem too threatening; almost like blowing themselves up if they used it.

Thanks for the specifics.

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