Pat McCrory the Earl of Duke

An examination of Pat McCrory's campaign finance reports shows that he has received $45,150 from Duke Energy sources since the beginning of July 2008. This brings the total in contributions from Duke Energy sources to his campaign for Governor to $134,765 making it a grand total of $151,520 from Duke Energy and affiliated sources throughout his political career.

Patrick "Duke" McCrory's Conflicts of Interest with respect to Duke Energy have been outlined and documented previously. The fact that McCrory's campaign has received $134,765 (about the same as the Governor's salary) from Duke Energy sources in his run for Governor raises even more questions about his ability to put the interests of the people of North Carolina above the interests of his "former" employer.

10/30/2008 $1,000.00 Roberta Bowman Officer Duke Energy
10/30/2008 $1,000.00 Douglas Esamann Executive Duke Energy
10/29/2008 $1,000.00 Thomas Cottingham Attorney Duke Energy
10/27/2008 $1,000.00 James Gainer Executive Duke Energy
10/24/2008 $1,000.00 Lynn Good Group Exec Duke Energy
10/17/2008 $100.00 Jay Howard Retired Duke Energy
10/16/2008 $100.00 Nancy Williams Executive Duke Energy
10/10/2008 $600.00 Royce Roof Project Manager Duke Energy
10/7/2008 $100.00 Teresa Dearnley System Analyst Duke Energy
9/30/2008 $1,750.00 Antonio Almeida Jr VP Duke Energy
9/26/2008 $100.00 Dennis Jackson Network Analyst Duke Energy
9/24/2008 $2,000.00 Joe Hallow III Executive Duke Energy
9/19/2008 $150.00 Nancy Williams Executive Duke Energy
9/19/2008 $250.00 Peter Loper Doctor Duke Energy
9/16/2008 $100.00 Lawrence Wilson VP Crescent Resources
9/8/2008 $1,000.00 James Hance Board Of Directors Duke Energy
9/5/2008 $100.00 Ann Patterson Contract Manager Duke Energy
9/5/2008 $100.00 Paul Morgan Engineer Duke Energy
8/27/2008 $200.00 Randolph Broome Consultant Duke Energy
8/13/2008 $250.00 Antonio Almeida Jr VP Duke Energy
8/13/2008 $1,000.00 Gary Laws District Manager Duke Energy
8/4/2008 $4,000.00 Duke Energy Corporation State PAC
7/31/2008 $250.00 Lawrence Wilson VP Crescent Resources
7/28/2008 $1,000.00 Richard Bates Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $1,000.00 Antonio Almeida Jr Vp Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $500.00 Bryan Dolan Vp Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $4,000.00 David Hauser Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $1,000.00 David Mohler Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $2,500.00 Dhiaa Jamil Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $4,000.00 Ellen Ruff President Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $4,000.00 Keith Trent Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $4,000.00 Marc Manly Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $1,000.00 Paul Newton Executive Duke Energy
7/21/2008 $1,000.00 Theopolis Holeman Senior VP Duke Energy
7/1/2008 $2,000.00 Douglas Esamann Executive Duke Energy
7/1/2008 $500.00 Keith Butler Executive Duke Energy
7/1/2008 $1,000.00 Ronald Jones SVP Nuclear Ops Duke Energy
7/1/2008 $500.00 Steven Young Executive Duke Energy
3Q TOTAL $45,150.00      


Say No To McCrory

It is in North Carolina's best interest to say no to a politician who will bow to the every whim of Duke Energy. North Carolina is poised to make legitimate steps toward a true renewable energy future. With McCrory at the helm, all of the efforts made to point NC in a green direction will be dashed on a gigantic pile of coal, purchased by by Pat's ol' buddy Duke Energy.

Lets be honest with ourselves

Jim Rodgers the CEO of Duke has give more than $45,000 to the NCDP and the Perdue campaign in the last 2 months. By himself.

Guess Jim is hedging his bets

pretty smart for a dinosaur....

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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