Pat McCrory the Outsourcer's Friend

While Charlotte residents were lined up at gas stations Pat McCrory was campaigning at a fundraiser in Raleigh at the home of an outsourcer of 1,500 manufacturing jobs to Jaipur and Pune in India.

Pat rushed back to deal with a "crisis" he had no control over plus the implosion of Wachovia, another "crisis" he had no control over. That didn't stop him writing a "close the barn door after the horse is gone" letter urging the retention of Wachovia jobs in Charlotte. But where was Pat when Wachovia was outsourcing 1,000s of IT and service jobs to India? In 2005/2006 Wachovia outsourced some 3,000 jobs to companies like Infosys and Genpact. At the time Wachovia claimed to balk at outsourcing call center jobs to India. Yet in 2007 Wachovia quietly outsourced 1,000s of call center jobs to Genpact a company that Wachovia has a stake in. The relationship is so strong that Genpact is expected to suffer from Wachovia's demise:

Genpact had a strong relationship with Wachovia, and had been chosen by the US bank to set up a centre to perform as a back office for it under a "virtual captive" model, popular with many banks and insurance providers. Genpact was to provide staff and control Wachovia's back-office operations, under a seven-year contract. Genpact was expected to get around $1 billion of business from the deal.

Where was Pat McCrory when all these jobs were being shipped out of Charlotte?


Tell Pat that the trickle down theory is working!

We gave huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy and they re-invested that money into their businesses which in turn created jobs where the $$$$ trickled down to the workers bank accounts. In Vietnam, China, El Salvador, Mexico, and various other countries where these wealthy corporations took their companies and their tax money.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!