Plenty for Blue Cross, None for Me

We need Health Care Reform with a Public Health Insurance Option now.


I know that guy!!

That is awesome. I love it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's a mad world

I learned to play the ukulele so I could do this. Although often attributed to Tom Lehrer, the lyrics are by Frank Jacobs of Mad Magazine. The music is of course Blue Skies by Irving Berlin.

I have BCBSNC Insurance

and I have no complaints about their service or willingness to pay on claims. Different family members have had illnesses or accidents that led to absolutely huge medical bills and prescription costs. BCBS of NC didn't complain a bit as they paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims.

I'd like to see more competition out there and a slow down on the premium increases, but I am quite happy with my covereage.

If some form of government coverage can provide the same service level at the same cost or less, I'd be cool with that too.

The good, the bad & the uninsured

BCBS is a metaphor for the health insurance industry. It works for some. It doesn't work for others. Denial of coverage (or sky high premiums) for pre-existing conditions and rescission practices still leave people out in the cold. BCBS is actively opposed to health care reform that would help those people.

I'm a soon to be ex BC member

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2004 and BC covered hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I also paid out over $60,000.00 in co-pays and deductibles. Every time you see a new doctor or change medications your participation starts over again.

I moved from CA to NC in January of this year. I applied to NC of BC for the same health insurance I had in CA. I was turned down because of my preexisting condition of being cancer free for over 5 years.

Competition is necessary but legislation to stop these corporations from taking advantage of their customers is vital.

Your situation says it all about what really is needed

Organic, you should be the poster child for why, as a country, we need to make the improvements to America's health INSURANCE today. And, from what I have been reading recently, situations like yours wouldn't happen if only our legislaters will put forth the effort to correct a health care system in America that is arguably the best in the world but has many faults. From what I'm getting, the new bill that is being formulated now includes wording that totally discounts pre-existing conditions with regard to healh insurance and disallows insurance companies from dropping coverage because health conditions become too much of a drain on their profit margins. This is absolutely a good thing.

Most people in the U.S. are for these efforts and these provisions. What so many people are rallying against is in the area of providing health care to those that either don't want it or are unwilling to spend the money to get it. Yes, there are those that cannot afford health insurance but the truth is, they are already covered under Medicaid or laws covering emergency room visits. No one is without access to health care in the U.S.

What is needed here is a comprehensive revamping of laws governing what insurance companies can and cannot do with regard to the health insurance they offer and provide to the populace. There is just too much disagreement about whether or not American society should be required to provide health INSURANCE to those that fall into the catagories of not wishing to have it or are unwilling to provide themselves with it. Again, there are laws in place that "provide" for these people. Many among us do not believe that a very large, cumbersome and unmanageable government health care program is the answer to our health care ills in America.

I know this will not be a particularly popular thing to say here on BlueNC, but it must be said.

Nothing short of damnable lies

Yes, there are those that cannot afford health insurance but the truth is, they are already covered under Medicaid. No one is without access to health care in the U.S.

There are those in this country that cannot afford to pay premiums to the health insurance oligarchy, but do not qualify for Medicaid.

People are without access to health care in the US. Even the health insurance industry agrees with this. They want to expand their blood-sucking "business" into rural and depressed areas that are currently underserved.

Your prediction that your comment may be unpopular in this forum does not preclude it from also being absurdly false.


I somehow knew I'd get this response

usernamehere, I understand your frustration but the truth is, no one in America is without an avenue to get health care. Medicaid? Well, maybe not and I may have misstated that.

I hate it when I say something very important and true but misstate something like that.

Please do not think I am against comprehensive health care/insurance reform. I am TOTALLY for that. I just do not want people to believe that there is not already an avenue for everyone in our nation to get care. That does exist and that is not "absurdly false".

Should there be reform? Of course there should. But it is important to see why so many do not see some of the reforms being presented as legitimate or needed.

It is just my own personal position.

Prevention & primary care

I can get from the Atlantic to the Pacific by walking but I wouldn't want to do it. I have a way to get there but it's impractical. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Treating an uninsured patient in an emergency room is an option but not a sustainable one. We don't need modern day "Typhoid Marys" wandering around. Reasonable access to primary care for everyone is important for financial, physical & mental well being of the entire population.

Sure, I understand you're position Greg

The big question is in cost. No, I don't stand here saying that we "absolutely" should put a cost on American's health care, but I do know the financial consequences of trying to make sure every person in our country has "equal" access to every kind of health care available here. We're not England and we're not Europe. We are America. We are a very different country altogether. We do ask our citizens to be responsible for what they can and should be responsible for. Just how many people in America are just totally unable to take care of their health care needs? It is a very small percentage of the population of course and that population should, most certainly, be provided that care, please do not get me wrong here on that. The big question and the most questioned populace in that regard is in those that choose not to provide themselves with health care even though they could afford it and those that, because of being on the government dole, choose to take advantage of the "emergency room" option. I know that most of we democrats want to make sure the entire nation has health care options up to and including being given the advantage of vouchers that would use taxpayer's money to pay for health care insurance. But, there is the rift with the conservative/republicans. I'm not sanctioning what these people say, just presenting it as why there is so much division on this issue.

We, as those that do believe that America can and must provide our citizens with a viable health care alternative, should know what our opponents believe. Thanks for listening.

There is just too much

There is just too much disagreement about whether or not American society should be required to provide health INSURANCE to those that fall into the catagories of not wishing to have it or are unwilling to provide themselves with it.

Would society really be "providing" coverage for those who have the means to buy coverage but don't. By definition, the people who can afford coverage already have money. In this country if you have money, you get taxed. More or less, those who have the means will be paying for their own coverage. It will just be through taxes instead of through a premium check every month. Yes, universal coverage through a government program will raise taxes, but if those additional taxes are offset by not having to pay for insurance elsewhere, one's cost of living doesn't change that much. Heck, if it really will be cheaper, you'll have MORE money in your pocket evey month.