Poverty? What Poverty?

A couple of conservative Wake County School Board members had a new take on poverty and prosperity yesterday. John Tedesco declared after an assignment meeting:

"We're not talking about socioeconomic status anymore". "Once we pass the resolution, we won't be talking about it again"

Meanwhile Debra Goldman was less reserved on Twitter:

Of course it's easier to think about buying diamonds to celebrate the end of diversity when your husband skips paying $1,428.24 in Wake County taxes on your second property.


Tedesco is an asshole

which is quite an accomplishment since he also happens to have the temperament of a three-year-old.


The taxes are for the house Goldman was living in last year in another district. They bought another house inside the School Board District so she could run.


Someone's finally paying attention. Goldman's Twitter stream has been updated to suggest free association about a computer application vendor called "Blue Diamond Information Solutions" in a 2007 budget line item.

Still doesn't explain the Wake County property taxes listed unpaid Delinquent. Can't wait to find that in a school budget somewhere.

This will be a goldmine

This will be a goldmine diamond mine for private schools in Wake County. White flight Upper socioeconomic flight will explode for anyone outside the preferred zones.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Can you blame them

If I was raising my kids going to school today I would want for them to go to the school closest to them where their neighborhood friends go and not be used to meet a quota or to improve school performance statistics because they are better students with good parental involvement and are learning to be achievers rather than gang members or how to take from taxpayers as they grow older.

I don't blame the parents that want the best for their kids and will do what is necessary to make that happen.

Are you white?

If so, I can make a pretty compelling argument that your kids would be better off if black people were still slaves, so there wouldn't be the burden of black kids siphoning money off from all the spending that could be directed to white families.

Some argue this is what's really necessary to "make that happen." You up for that? Why not?

JB the need for diverse

JB the need for diverse schools isn't to "improve school performance statistics" but to provide schools where everyone has the opportunity to have adequate resources and a positive learning environment. What if you happened to live in a zone where the vast majority of families lacked the resources you imply that you have at your disposal? What if your child was attending that school? My bet is that you would be screaming loud against the injustice of it all. That or you would just take your money and put junior in a private school. But what if you lost your job or had medical expenses that reduced your cash flow considerably? You would still be one of the parents that want the best for their kids but wouldn't have the ability to do what is necessary to make it happen. What would you do then?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

This just proves the racism inherent

rather than gang members or how to take from taxpayers as they grow older.

in your position, which I'm sure is shared by quite a few others. That all the African-American community offers to society is criminals and lazy Welfare recipients. Thanks for your honesty, however misinformed it may be.

Goldman ponies up property tax

Looks like someone finally paid the taxes today. The picture shows the screenshot earlier today. Clicking the link shows that the bill was paid 3/22/2010.

Thanks for reading.

In August 1956, Elwyna Holt submitted a handwritten application to enroll her only child at Josephus Daniels Junior High School. Resistance was immediate. It started with threatening phone calls.

"They called all hours of the night," Joseph Holt Jr. said. "We began to get hate mail from groups like the White Citizens Council and the Patriots of Wake County."

A threat to dynamite the Holt home made front-page headlines. Joseph Holt Jr. was whisked to Jones County after someone threatened to abduct and kill him. Joseph Holt Sr. was fired from his job at a heavy equipment warehouse. Out of fear, friends shied away.

"People didn't stop by the house anymore," Joseph Holt Jr. said.

Applications denied

The application to Daniels was denied without review by the school board. The following year, the Holts applied to Needham B. Broughton High School. Denied again, they filed a federal lawsuit against the Raleigh City School Board that would have barred segregation in the city. The legal battle continued until 1959.


What are the statewide implications of the shenanigans going on in Wake County? I know the impacts on community and reputation: Wake County is going the way of South Carolina into Klanland.

But what about the broader consequences? Have you any thoughts about the domino effects?


This board will overpromise and underdeliver because the hard right goading them on will never allow the necessary tax increases to support the success of public education. Enter Luddy/Pope and private schools with public vouchers taking the state back to the 50s and the Pearsall Plan. It will take a few years to see how bad it gets, by which time Pope/Luddy will have flipped a few more counties over to the voucher column.