PPP: Erskine Bowles has best shot of keeping governorship in Dem hands

Not surprisingly, Public Policy Polling's phone has been ringing off the hook today. However, based on their October polling, Erskine Bowles would likely be the strongest candidate against all-but-certain Repub nominee Pat McCrory. And the numbers for Democrats nationally have gotten a lot friendlier since October.

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Bowles already has had 2 shots at winning a statewide

election. He tanked ... twice ... badly. Both campaigns were lackluster, lacked a coherent strategy were generally uninspiring. I seem to recall that he had a 10 point lead on Burr with 3-4 months to go and blew it.

So, no, I don't think the same way. Time for someone new to step up.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Plus now he wants to cut

Plus now he wants to cut Social Security and as UNC President wanted to remove all employees from the State Personnel Act.......might as well come out for a regressive tax increase too.....

A history of losing elections, and

he's got the albatross of the "Bowles-Simpson debacle" hanging around his neck. Thank the good lord for Jan Shakowsky! that's all I can say about that. Re PPP and Bowles being strongest- that was Oct, this is now.

Bowles could win this thing - hands down

TriangleBill, with all due respect, the Bowles Simpson Plan and the ensuing debate around it is has not been a debacle. Granted: it started out as such, but now all the candidates, Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, and, yes, even President Obama are returning to the ideas laid out by Bowles and Simpson, touting them as political wisdom on which they apparently seem eager to run.

Mr. Peppers, I respectfully disagree with your criticism of Bowles's tenure at UNC. GOP and Democratic legislators alike recognize that Bowles shepherded more than 220,000 UNC students through an economic storm that continues to rage. Bowles expanded the number of transfers from the community college system, increased online study opportunities for students, and moved the system toward a system that ties enrollment growth to retention and graduation rates.

I will not elaborate on his successes as the United Nations Deputy Special Envoy for tsunami-affected countries, though they warrant recognition.

Whether Bowles can win a race for Governor is another question. His problem, of course, is Bill Clinton, not Erskine Bowles. Let's hope enough time has passed that North Carolina voters will recognize Bowles for his own achievements and those alone.

Yes he can win big.....the

Yes he can win big.....the nomination. But as someone from the corporate world,no record of fighting for workers rights, he becomes the other Republican candidate, and as his other two general election failures have shown....independents go for the real GOPcandidate when the Dem runs as a Republican-light.