Psychopaths on parade in Raleigh threaten assistant DA's family

The police should have been all over this unhinged racist:

The white, male demonstrator who met up with Thomas and his family in the crosswalk stuck out his right arm with his palm open. Thomas, who is black, interpreted it as a Nazi salute. A Raleigh-based pro-Second Amendment group called Blue Igloo, which live-streamed the demonstration and posted it online, has said that the gesture was not a Nazi salute.

Beth Thomas ducked away from the man and asked that he keep his distance. His response isn’t heard on the video. Deonte Thomas said he heard the following exchange involving his wife: “My wife had told him to back up and he said something to the effect that, well, I can hit you from here. I can get you from here.”

This nonsense has become intolerable. Who does that? I mean, aside from the obvious racist overtones in this confrontation, who threatens a family with small children in strollers? The answer is, somebody whose racism runs so deep he doesn't consider black children as being human. Dude needs to be found and arrested for communicating a threat, and then given an intense mental health evaluation. Because if he's crazy enough to pull that stunt on camera, god knows what he would do if no witnesses were around.



Blue Igloo...

is not just a "pro-Second Amendment" group, it's a radical, white supremacist, insurrectionist group backing the "Boogaloo". These kind of people believe in a coming revolution in which they'll be able to kill off all the liberals, black, immigrants, and other undesirables to set up their own idea of what America should be (i.e., a fascist white ethno-state.) They've taken to coding their racist group names by using terms like "big igloo", "blue igloo", "big luau" (thus the Hawaiian shirts seen at a number of these protests) and other names that sound like boogaloo. So the likelihood that our protester was, in fact, doing the ol' Sieg Heil is very high indeed if he's associated with these Blue Igloo yahoos. These are the same people who were wandering around Raleigh with fake heavy weapons (an AT4 anti-tank rocket and a M2 .50 cal machine gun.) They're not rational and should be handled with extreme care if you come across one like the Thomas' did.