Rasmussen: Obama tied with McCain

Rasmussen has recently come out with a a new poll showing Obama in a flat-footed tie with McCain. Considering last month McCain was nine points ahead, this could not be worse news for the Repubs.

Both Obama and McCain attract 47 percent of the vote, with three percent undecided and three percent favoring a third party. If this is legit (and I suspect it may be, since Rasmussen reportedly has a Repub tilt), this is very, very bad news for McCain. As we all know, this is becoming an expensive state in which to campaign. For every ad buy McCain has to make in Charlotte or the Triangle, that's several hundred thousand dollars he can't spend in Cincy, Philly or Detroit.

The same poll shows him still leading Hillary by 11 points ... but down 16 from a month earlier.

Is that a breeze picking up?


Obama must be the Nominee

Obama will put NC in play.
Clinton will energize the GOP base and will be a disaster for downticket races.