Rectangular Round Table

Clay Aiken held a round table discussion Wednesday with people who are concerned about what needs to be done for the young soldiers who get out of the military with no skills and no job. Oh, they know how to play war games, but we are talking about in the real world. Many of them have injuries or mental health issues and may not be able to be retrained. Many are homeless. We owe all of them, and everybody at that table knows that. There were two retired generals, two retired colonels, two union members who work at Fort Bragg, several elected officials, business owners, etc. It was an impressive group. Some people had very good ideas on how to train them for new skills when they are discharged. They had our backs for a long time, and now we need to have their's.

This meeting was Clay Aiken's idea and he wanted to know and understand everything that was said. He didn't mind asking questions to make sure he was hearing everything right. The officers are retired, so they were able to ask and answer questions honestly. They agreed that our current Congress member Renee Ellmers, has been absent in this district and they were all aware that she helped shut down the government, but she wanted her pay check. From Clay's past and the interest he has shown since he has been running for office, he will knock himself out trying to help. That's what he does.

A lot of people don't know that Clay does this kind of thing all the time. He wants to KNOW what people need and what we can do to help. At this particular meeting, those that have been with him since near the beginning were very proud, and those that are just getting to know him were very impressed. He just has to be elected, because we need him more than he needs us.