Renee Ellmers joins the Republican Study Committee

In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone here on paper, Renee Ellmers has joined the other Repub members of the state's congressional delegation on the Republican Study Committee, one of two "wingnut caucuses" in the House (the other being Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus).

I say "on paper" because this is the same same outfit that put out a press release describing the escrow fund set up by BP as the product of a "Chicago-style shakedown" -- language similar to what Joe Barton used in an Energy and Commerce Committee hearing.

Even though Barton was basically strongarmed into apologizing, the RSC press release is still linked up. So apparently the House Repub leadership, despite its official disavowal of Barton's remarks, still stands by it -- eight of the top nine Repub leaders (all except Boehner) are members of the RSC. So tell us, Congresswoman--do you stand by this as well?


Our own Sarah Palin

Only not as smart. And that, my friend, is damning with no praise.

She missed her first vote,

She missed her first vote, wore a cocktail dress on the house floor, hobnobbed with the special interest lobbyists the night before she was sworn in after campaigning to reject their handouts and influence, has another one scheduled for the end of the month, told WRAL's Crabtree when he said you have to meet with your constituents that she didn't have to do anything etc etc I sure hope she is a one term rep.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Is there video?

Please, tell me there is ... I'd love to share it with dKos.