Republican Governors Gone Wild

The Republican Governors Association has thrown all caution to the electoral winds and has committed $4.8 million to supporting Pat McCrory according to a report filed this week with the State Board of Elections. As Under the Dome notes, by far the biggest contributor, at $1.2 million, is Texan Bob Perry, a major Swift Boating underwriter and funder of misleading 527 groups like the "Americans for Honesty on Issues" that targeted Heath Shuler in 2006. Another funder is Texan James Leninger, aka God's Sugar Daddy and a Robin Hayes contributor.

I've written previously about the RGA involvement in the NC Governor's race in Millionaires for McCrory and The Great Republican Governors Association McCrory Money Laundering Machine. What is so outrageous about the current filing is that the RGA has gone way back to January 2007 to scrape the names and contributions of individual donors to the RGA and is transferring them to the account of the RGA NC 2008 PAC which was only formed on May 4th 2008. Not only that, the report which is filed under RGA NC 2008 PAC is actually filed as the report of the Republican Governor's Association, technically a separate 527 entity having funds commingled with corporate contributions which are not allowed in targeting a race in NC with express advocacy for a particular candidate.


Didn't the Pacman get all uppity

during the debate about "outside money"? What a piece of work. Not only is he happy to have Duke Energy calling the shots in the governor's mansion, now he'll also invite Rob "Lying Sack of Shit" Perry under the covers, too.

Will a complaint will be filed by the Perdue campaign?


Doubts about Dole?