Robinson's anti-semitism earns rebuke from ADL


Of course no apology is forthcoming:

In a statement to JI, the Anti-Defamation League denounced the lieutenant governor in the group’s first public remarks on the upstart lawmaker. “It is incumbent upon all public leaders to forcefully condemn antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and all forms of hate,” Doron Ezickson, vice president of the ADL’s Mid-Atlantic and Midwest division, told JI. “Robinson must apologize.”

But Robinson has refused to do so. “When I made those posts as a private citizen, I was speaking directly to issues that I’m passionate about,” he said at the news conference in early February. “As a public servant, I have to put those opinions behind me and do what’s right for everyone in North Carolina,” he added. “I’m grown enough to do that.”

Dude, when you're "passionate" about attacking Jews, it makes you even more dangerous, not less. And the fact you're too stupid to realize how bad that sounds is just one more item on a long list of disturbing personal quirks. But in the era of Trump, people barely notice it:

His victory came as a surprise to political observers in North Carolina who assumed that his off-putting remarks would repel voters. “I thought that his controversial and, frankly, antisemitic statements would have made the difference in a close election,” Cooper told JI.

But because Robinson had established himself from the get-go as a contentious figure, his questionable social media activity likely flew under the radar. “He’s more like a Trump in that the norm-breaking behavior was baked into our assessment of him from the second we knew his name,” Cooper said. “Trump made it easier for Mark Robinson.”

Robinson’s rise occurred during roughly the same period in which another outspoken Republican in North Carolina has gained prominence. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), a 25-year-old first-term congressman, is a divisive figure in the 11th congressional district, which includes Asheville — and, like Robinson, he has earned a reputation as something of a provocateur. Cawthorn’s Jewish constituents have been shocked by some of his statements, including an old Instagram post in which he appeared to express reverence for Adolf Hitler as well as an admission after being elected that he has tried to convert Jews to Christianity.

The ironic thing is: Robinson got his panties in a wad over a political cartoon depicting an elephant wearing a KKK robe/hood. But that global cabal of Jewish bankers trope is straight out of 1920's Ku Klux Klan propaganda. It's been their bread and butter for over a century, and he apparently believes every bit of it. For all practical purposes, that cartoon was accurate.



Robinson may be "grown" , but

Robinson may be "grown" , but is more of a sniveling weak minded coward kowtowing to people who share his warped adolescent mentality.