SBI needs to be placed under court supervision

After reading the first two stories of the N&O's investigation of the SBI (which I summarized at dKos), I find myself thinking something I haven't thought since Jesse Helms' days--I'm ashamed to be a North Carolinian. Although there are two more parts of this story, I've seen enough to think that at some point, a federal or state judge needs to step up and place the SBI under court supervision.

The practices detailed here can only be described as a clear and present danger to the rights of those accused of crime. A guy supposedly makes a detailed murder confession despite having the mental capacity of a 7-year-old and being repeatedly deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial? A bloodstain analyst who still has a job despite having been found to have lied on the stand? Sorry, that's unacceptable.

Roy Cooper deserves kudos for finally stepping up and realzing there's a serious problem here. But to my mind, the only way to reestablish credibility is if there's a root-and-branch cleaning of that department. And I suspect only a judge can do it.