SBOE breakdown

As you know, the State Board of Elections ordered a recount in a number of Durham County precincts, over the objections of Democratic board members. It was a sham proceeding from start to finish, with the conclusion foregone. Nothing new there.

McCrory has said he would not ask for a statewide recount if the Durham numbers didn't change. However, it's likely that the numbers WILL change by one or two votes, which will give McCrory the wiggle room he needs to claim "something's fishy." That's the central plank of the McCrory strategy, since a coup is the only path to victory for him.

At any point in the process, the SBOE has the authority to declare the election "contested" and toss it to the General Assembly for resolution. That has been their plan all along, and they are on track for that to happen. The SBOE has shown no indication of being anything but another arm of the Art Pope machine. If you think there's no chance they'll declare the election contested, you're kidding yourself. They can do that regardless of how many votes Cooper has, and they can do it with no objective justification whatsoever. If the legislature decides that McCrory won the election, the only recourse if that happens is federal court. That's another political crapshoot.

The only thing we do know at this point is that Art Pope will do anything he possibly can to rig things to get his way. He has invested millions in Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory and he will not go lightly into the night.



The last minute rhetoric

from "the judge" and Amoroso were infuriating. Laws don't matter, evidence doesn't matter, only "perception." The judge "perceived" there must have been something wrong when the vote count changed so much toward the end, even though he knew Durham's numbers were coming late, and that a huge number of Cooper votes were on the way. He also "perceived" that a large percent of the population was as surprised as he was, even though he wasn't really surprised.

The only remotely positive aspect of that meeting is the knowledge that Judge Baker is no longer sitting in judgment of individual citizens in Superior Court. God only knows what damage he did while doing that...

Agree. The "judge" is a

Agree. The "judge" is a partisan hack, appointed so he could do just what he did. I just wish the Dems on the board would stop calling him judge and start calling him asswipe.

I was mortified at the fact these three Republicans

had no problem operating outside the law just to make people feel better. They have now opened the door for everyone who ever thinks that a late change in the numbers means something fishy to request a recount. This is utterly stupid. Their own IT guy confirmed there was nothing wrong with Durham's numbers.

The whole, "then what would it hurt?" refrain is simply stupid. The people who are ignorant of the election process and vote counting process will still be ignorant and will still claim that it was rigged.

I cannot wait until the BOE is in Democratic control....and people are no longer kept from voting by the very people who should be promoting it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

"What could it hurt"

I'm really glad I wasn't there, because Evil Steve would have said something like, "What does it hurt to not follow the law? And you were a fricking Judge? How many times did you not follow the law when you were wearing a robe? I think we owe it to the people to closely scrutinize every fucking case over which you presided, to see how many "irregularities" can be found. What could it hurt?"

That last part would have been shouted from the hallway as I was unceremoniously escorted from the premises...

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We have said this far too many times on this site.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.