Spitzer sues the Shrub--Easley needs to join in

In a DKos post announcing the suit, Spitzer says that the White House's new rules not only conflict with the SCHIP statute, but were issued without the chance for public comment as required by law.

Easley needs to sign onto this--especially for the sake of kids in cities and rural areas who don't have access. Pester him. Now.


Great suggestion

Mr. Mike is a short-timer, but perhaps he'll win won for the SCHIPPER.


I love Spitzer's style. If they don't play fair, sue the hell out of them. All day every day. Hurt them where it counts.

Spitzer is a ball of fire.

I hope Mike Easley joins the suit on behalf of North Carolina. In fact, I'm going to write to him right now and ask him to.

thanks for letting us know about this.

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