Surprise! DCCC running radio ads against Patrick McHenry

I was on my way home from work this morning when I heard a pleasant surprise--the DCCC was airing an ad attacking Patrick McHenry for his cozy relationship with Shrub and Big Oil. What's more, the DCCC is highlighting its ad script teeing up McHenry as part of its campaign to tee up 13 House Repubs for voting with Big Oil. (note, the audio is from the ad for Robin Hayes) Surprising, to say the least.

I thought our best hope was to keep McHenry under 60 percent--about the only way we'd win this seat is if Obama carried North Carolina by something like 15 points or more, with long coattails for Lance Johnson. If the DCCC was going to air radio ads attacking any Repub in this area, I would think it would be Sue Myrick--after all, in the event of a big landslide, Myrick would go down before McHenry. Any word on Johnson's financials? And does the DCCC know something we don't?


Cook report

moved from solid to "likely."

Maybe even the people in the district are starting to be embarrassed by the antics of Patrick McHenry.

Embarassed enough to vote for a librul?

You know that's what McHenry's going to fall back on. Seriously, if NC-10 flips, the Repub brand--not just here, but nationwide--has officially cratered.

I think they might

Photographs of Pat McHenry drinking and cavorting are all over the Intertubes. Some of it's bound to be leaking into the consciousness of all those conservative voters. It's hard to imagine they'll hold their nose and vote for the clown again.

It's pretty creepy stuff all around.