Tara Servatius doesn't get it on the Obama ad

As most of you guys here in the Charlotte area know, the 9 to midnight slot on WBT--when its 50,000-watt voice blasts across the entire East Coast--belongs to Tara Servatius. There are times when she can be dead on--for instance, talking about Charlotte's growing crime problem and the occasional stumblebum antics with CMS. But other times ... well, let's just say that sometimes she sounds like Rush Limbaugh or Jeff Katz in a skirt. Like last night, when she had NC Repub chairwoman Linda Daves on for her first hour to talk about the Obama attack ad.

Tara was whining about how she couldn't understand how some people could see the ad could be racist and inflammatory. She was referring to WSOC-TV's decision not to air it because of "implications of racism. Um, Tara? This ad is textbook race-baiting. What makes it even more ridiculous is that they didn't even have to go into the gutter ... all the Repubs had to do was try to drag out some Obama votes. But no ... that's not enough for these Repubs. Or rather, that's too easy for them.

And here's something else. Tara's stock in trade is to call out area journalists for not digging deep enough to find out what's really going on in town. But never once (or at least, not in the time I listened to it last night on the way to work--from 9:45 to 10:15) did she mention that the ad has been:
1. condemned by McCain
2. condemned by the RNC (including North Carolina's RNC committeewoman)
3. condemned by two out of four Repub gubernatorial candidates (Orr and Graham--McCrory equivocated, Smith said he hasn't seen it, according to today's Observer)


Lame dodge!!!

Smith claims he hasn't seen it? Can't decide until he's watching it on the tv? Puleeease. Not surprised that Orr denounced it, AM surprised that Graham did; as for McCrory, I thought he had more gumption.

Of course, McCrory and Smith are the two who have realistic dreams of being the nominee -- and I suppose neither feels he can afford to turn up his nose at the plate being served by the state party.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Being a Charlottean

I expected McCrory to condemn the ad as well--after all, you don't run up the vote totals he has down here by alienating Democrats. Then again, we haven't put up a real candidate for mayor in who knows when.

Tara Servatius

I only know her in print. I used to read her stuff in Creative Loafing, and I wondered if she was actually two or three people all writing under the same name. I figured if I was bit more literary I'd be able to understand the pun or the significance of what I took to be a nom de plume. I like that she has a perspective, but I'm disoriented about how it fails to conform to any consistent world view. I suppose some people just play the devil's advocate.

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