Taylor's own kind turning against him

This is being repeated in Saturday morning funnies. It belongs here because what could be funnier than "conservative cannibalism" along with some great snark? SD

In two rare cases of conservative cannibalism, it seems Taylor's free ride nears it's end.

First, his primary opponent laid into him pretty badly over "inconsistencies" in his FEC filings.

And this week, a conservative North Carolina webnews organization has posted the second of two articles blasting away with rumor and speculation that's music to my ears.

Apparently, Ann Ryder, 66-year old Madison County resident, became disturbed by what she called a "sham" of a zoning hearing. "It was a done deal," she wrote. She ties Taylor to a planned development that she says will destroy Madison County's water table. She also ties Taylor through his investments to the death of Maggie Valley resident who died in a landslide related to improper installation of a private water system.

Ryder wrote:

. . . by keeping his personal business dealings active, he creates questions of conflict of interest with each vote he casts.

No duh, you might say. But these kinds of comments rarely make it to press in conjunction with our dear chain-saw Charlie. And there's more.

In her previous article from February. Ryder implies that Taylor possibly interfered with big-J justice to get a reduced sentence for a drug addict convicted of arson in a plant he owned (that NAFTA had put out of business. She also implied that he'd paid for the arsonists afore-mentioned drug habit. She also mentions many of Taylor's previously published scandals (bank fraud jail terms for close associates at Blue Ridge S&L, Russian bank he co-owns with KGB general while a sitting member of Congress, ties to GE as he sponsors favorable legislation for them, etc. etc.)

Even though both writers, Armor and Ryder, have obvious axes to grind (don't we all), it's encouraging to know that at least some conservatives are not intimidated into silence. And kudos to the North Carolina Conservative ("God Country Common Sense) for straying from the party line.

Wonder how they'll be punished? Taylor's press secretary already threatened to sue:

From: Potter, Deborah
To: 'North Carolina Conservative'
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 10:36 AM
Subject: RE:

I don't know how you could consider yourself "friendly" to my boss after you print a bunch of garbage like that. It is absolutely filled with false information. I mean falsehood after falsehood. And back when I went to journalism school, one of the absolute basics was contacting all parties, especially those that were potential victims of slander. My boss thought it was funny, but some other folks were not nearly as amused and are already preparing lawsuits. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I reprinted this whole because there is so much of it that just makes me want to laugh. I couldn't possibly make this stuff up. It's too good. Too, too good. The sharks are circling.


Drug dealing, too

Ann Ryder also tied him to Columbia. The country.

Do you think this is actually part of a plan to lump all his corruption into whacko conspiracy theories?

Conservative Cannibalism

I think we need to have a contest to see who can come up with the most examples of Conservative Cannibalism.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

McHenry has others do the eating for him

At the end of an otherwise nauseating CO article we see how Taylor should have dealt with his primary opponent, John Armor:

McHenry would have had a race if Hickory Mayor Rudy Wright had challenged him in a GOP primary.

Wright told the Observer he opted out for personal reasons. But only after he got unwelcome calls urging him not to run.

According to Wright, N.C. Republican Party Chairman Ferrell Blount called to say that "some heavyweight people" would make sure he didn't win. "He specifically mentioned" the National Republican Congressional Committee, a group that has McHenry on its executive panel.

Wright also heard from McHenry's predecessor, ex-Rep. Cass Ballenger, who delivered a message from House Majority Whip Roy Blount, R-Mo.

"I just said this young man (McHenry) is a hard worker," Ballenger reported. "And I probably told (Wright) that he didn't have a snoball's chance in hell."

Ann Ryder

Ann Ryder, while fearless in her willingness to connect the dots on Charles Taylor, too often comes across, with her Unabomber styled prose, as a crank. I'd like to see another journalist take up the facts Ms. Ryder has presented to create a more cogent conservative case against the embattled Taylor.

John Armor, of course, wants a shot, and he's targeting the ethical wing of Taylor's conservative base.

There's just too much dirt on Charles Taylor for anyone, Republican or Democrat, to ignore. I think that Armor would likely have a good chance against Heath Shuler in the general, but without more money and exposure he'll be lucky to pull 30%.

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Ann Ryder Comments

I find it so funny that Ms. Ryder--who is from Miami--comes to make her home in the Western North Carolina Mountains and bitches about EVERYTHING! She has compared North Carolianians to Black Beard, has found fault with anything and everything and just seems to want to stir the pot over trivial stuff. Ms. Ryder, I applaude you for some of your good work, but when you start belittleing the community of WNC, then you can take your nitpicking, trouble making yankee butt back to whence it came. If you don't like it here--then move on. You are not native and nor are you wanted. Corrupted or not, this is OUR home---definately not yours.
Your friend in Madison--Sarah Jane