They know Clay Aiken in Northern Virginia

Just got back from a five-day trip to NoVa/DC. I was there for a big birthday party that my son-in-law was giving for my daughter. One of their friends (my daughter had already told me that he was a Democrat) started talking to me. I had met him before and knew he was one of the favorites in the neighborhood......and everybody thinks he is super smart. He asked what district I was in in North Carolina. I told him District 2, and so he asked me who was running in the district, When I told him it was Clay Aiken, he gave me a big high five. Then he announced to everyone that I was supporting Clay Aiken who was an all around super star. Then he said. "and his opponent is Renee Ellmers who told the Congress that they needed to dumb down their message so women could understand. "District 2" meant nothing, but the names meant everything. He didn't have Renee's statement exactly right, but close enough. I knew he very aware. I wanted to pass the hat, but it wasn't my house or my party. Some of the neighbors were Republicans (yes, I behaved). I have this to say to them..If he is one of the favorites in the neighborhood and the smartest...why aren't you a Democrat?

On another note, he wanted to know if Clay ever sang anymore, and I told him that he did not, but he made an exception at a retirement center. I told him the story, and then he said, "What song did he sing?" He was very impressed. Makes me know he has kinda kept up with Clay Aiken.

Well, then what happened? Brad came and he started talking to him.

ps I have found out since I left that Demetri has always been a fan of Clay's music. He sings at parties, etc. and loves music and singing himself. He's sticking with Clay in politics too. BTW, he has a seven year old daughter that talks like an adult. Must run in the family. She'll probably end up at Harvard too. Maybe in another eleven years she'll be able to vote for Clay for a bigger office.