Tim Kaine is pushing "Censure" instead of Impeachment trial

Thankfully it's not getting much traction:

Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, told Capitol Hill reporters on Wednesday that he views censure as a possible “alternative” to Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate. But the idea didn’t appear to gain much traction with Senate Democratic leaders.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-N.Y.), said Wednesday, as Kaine’s effort became public, that “there will be a trial, and the evidence against the former president will be presented, in living color, for the nation and every one of us to see.”

Let this be just one more example of why expecting radical legislation out of our 50/50+1 Senate majority is more than a little naive. I shouldn't have to remind you (but I probably do), Tim Kaine was Hillary's running mate, and had a front row seat when Trump told her she was going to jail, and stalked up behind her during a debate. He should be the last Democratic Senator to fold on Impeachment, but here we are:

Kaine said that a procedural vote on Tuesday — in which all but five Senate Republicans voted to declare the impeachment trial unconstitutional — was “completely clarifying” that there will not be the 67 votes needed to convict Trump of inciting his supporters to disrupt the tally of Electoral College votes.

And as the chamber forges ahead with another impeachment trial of Trump, Kaine said that time could be better used working on pandemic relief for Americans.

“So, I think there’s maybe a little more interest now and then could this be an alternative,” he said, according to a pool feed of his comments in a Capitol hallway. “I’ve drafted something. I haven’t filed it yet, because I’m trying to get other people’s ideas about what should be in it.”

Yes, I have had my doubts about this process, but the House made those doubts irrelevant when they voted to Impeach. We are committed to a full trial, and if we only get 55 votes, so be it. You can't "censure" insurrection, it has to be rejected soundly. Or it will happen again.



What the GOP is really up to

There's a short piece done by British documentarian Adam Curtis that I watched yesterday that really resonated with me in thinking about the Republican party line on impeachment and the insurrection itself.

It highlights the working methods of a Russian conceptual artist who advised Putin. The guy has kept Putin in power by overwhelming the population with outrageous and contradictory ideas and information, making everyone question what's real and what isn't until they're overwhelmed, just give up, and stop paying attention.

It's a tactic that's been taken up by far-right and white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe.

And it really sums up the GOP's working methods under Trump.

"You can't impeach Trump for crimes because he's President."
"Now, you can't impeach Trump for crimes because he's no longer President."

"We don't accept the election results, so we'll ask our followers to violently storm the Capitol with weapons."
"We only support peaceful protest and accept the election results and will work with Biden."

"We stand against terrorism."
"Monitoring and deplatforming domestic terrorists is a violation of their free speech."

"We don't support Q-Anon."
"But maybe there is a pedophile liberal elite that is eating babies for breakfast."

We're really a small step away from a Putin-style dictatorship here in the US, with the Republican party leading the charge. The main difference is that, despite the work of FoxNews, NewsMax, or OANN, we still have a free press not under government control where reality and facts are put on the table.

Tillis and Burr want to completely dispense with American democracy. Don't get distracted by their logical contradictions and flip-flops - it's all a tissue of lies designed to detract from the real issue of GOP lawbreaking and corruption.