Trump, the grim reaper of the Republican Party

He's pushing people in both directions:

“The Patriot Party is a repudiation of the GOP for the central fact that they weren’t very supportive of the president, they had the majority once upon a time over the last four years, and they failed to do the things that need to be done for the American people.”

GOP leaders do have potentially more serious worries at the center-right of their party, however, as dozens of former officials, including people who have served as White House and congressional staff, met recently to discuss starting a breakaway political party to distance themselves from the Trump wing of the party, according to Reuters.

Go for it, you have my blessing. Split the party into three separate entities, and make sure you run Congressional candidates from all three as well. There will be a run on popcorn at grocery stores that will rival the Great Toilet Paper Crisis. Unfortunately, most of these Pro-Trumpers are pretty stupid:

In the meantime, TAPPUS has some competition just an hour-and-a-half drive south along Florida’s Gulf Coast. There, in Punta Gorda, another former Marine, Jim Davis, founded the MAGA Patriot Party late last month, although he listed the group’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

“Everybody had a lot of anger and we were trying to focus that anger into something more positive,” he said in an interview. “We were kind of listening for what Trump potentially would do, so when he mentioned he was considering the Patriot Party, a lot of us are already considering it.”

Davis got a rude awakening though: When he filed with the Federal Election Commission to form his version of the party, he didn’t really know what he was doing and accidentally formed a political action committee affiliated with Donald J. Trump For President, the president’s official campaign arm.

The Trump campaign filed a statement with the FEC disavowing the Davis’ group not long after.

“At first, we were disappointed,” Davis conceded. “But I think in the end, it was like, ‘Well, you know, this is not about Trump anymore, this is about the people.’ And so we don’t really care what Trump does, as far as what his plans are, we’re going to continue with ours, because we can’t put all of our hope on one person.”

Despite the hiccup, Davis said he’s retracted the political action committee and plans to refile properly soon as the Constitutional Patriot Party. He said he’s working with cohorts from Georgia all the way out to Colorado.

Might want to call it the Yay Trump/Fuck Trump Party, at least until you figure out what TF you're doing. Also, there is already a Constitution Party, so you may want to revise your revised revision...