Tuesday Twitter roundup

I have a feeling it's going to be a bloodbath. But maybe that's just Halloween talking...

Speaking of bloodbaths...

I'm surprised it hasn't already exploded. Huge head, is what I'm saying. Tiny brain, but huge head. At least that little thing is well-protected in there, not that we would notice if it was damaged. Okay, I'm done with the huge head observations. For now.

That's a new level of stupid, even for you folks. *sigh*

I hear you, brother. But filing begins just over seven (7) weeks from now. Some folks have been running for Burr's Senate seat for 6-7 months already...

That's all I got, folks. This happened as I was leaving work today, and I had to wait almost an hour before a State Trooper could take my statement:

Everybody walked away (my friend has a goose egg on her forehead, but she'll be okay), but I watched this happen. Need some meditation time, but here's your Onion first:

To hell with that, if you're not watching for me and running out the door before I come to a complete halt, I'm throwing it in reverse and leaving. Ain't got time for that nonsense. (I think my age is finally catching up with me)