Tuesday Twitter roundup

Oh, $#!+. Don't even take a bathroom break if you can help it, Dems.

Okay, voters. Doublecheck the map, then file your challenge. Sedition and Treason must not be allowed to slide by.

Hahahahahaha...sorry, I can't elevate my criticism any higher than that, for now.

Back when Republicans had integrity and vision.

Somebody's already been tipping a few pints. That should be how to "hold" elected leaders accountable. I no longer drink, but if I did, I would need dueling shots of Cuervo 1800 and absinthe to sit through one of Andy's crap sessions...

The only way for me to be sure is to buy a couple dozen assorted donuts from each, and see which one runs out first. Seriously, I am Jonesing for a donut right now...

What Steve said. Trumpers have been pulling muscles and tearing tendons with all the twisting they've been doing trying to distract from this point, but the Impeachment hearings were watched by millions. No amount of twisting can fix that shit.

On that painfully obvious note, here's your Onion:

I tried not to laugh at this. Tried.