Wake County Schools = WaCo?

Today the Wake County School Board will come to terms with the issue of mandatory year yound edcuation. Whether it goes forth or suffers a defeat may largely have to do with a new bond proposal they will discuss tonight.

The debate is over whether to pass a $1+ billion bond to support new schools and trailers, OR to ask for a lesser bond around $600 million and convert almost all K-8 level schools into year rounds.

This is a very important issue for anyone with children in Wake County. And it may also be important to those in the surrounding counties as well as Guilford and Mecklenburg Schools. I don't have any kids, but as a progressive and democrat (small d) education is one of the key moral issues of our era. Better and smarter education policies will be the cornerstone of how the next few generations survive in the world's economy. Not to mention the future leaders of NC, espicially politicans, will come from this 48th in education state.

The News and Observer has a piece today about Bonds and Year Rounds. It provides the jist of the 3 sides to this debate. Its also a good starting point for your own research.
Check it out for more info on tonight's WaCo meeting.

Also N&O's article on Impact Fees is a good start for any looking to level the playing field outside of bonds, property taxes, and tax increases.

I have to say I am more than pleased with the coverage from the Disturber on this issue. Finally some good journalism.


Thanks for posting this.

Good links . . . and good to see the News and Disturber taking the time to cover this thoroughly.

The saddest part of all the school's discussions to me is the box we've gotten ourselves into in which large-scale factory schooling appears to be the only answer allowed. We're so far behind on so many educational fronts that it's hard to imagine those currently in power ever getting ahead of the curve. The whole mess of funding and building giant schools steps around the issue of what's best for students. And I daresay that putting kids in the educational equivalent of industrial hog farms all day doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me.

And outside the box is years away

It is quite a pickle Wake County is in. And for that matter all of NC. Sure we have some great schools, top 100s in the Triangle alone. But the whole system is failing because we are still acting retroactively. This whole bond issue is nothing more than trying to fix current and past overgrowth and underfunding.

What's the next step going to be? Wake needs to look outside the box and find feasible answers quickly. Honestly all this wants me to attend UNCs School of Education all that much more.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.