Wake GOP celebrates 'Merica by giving away Kalashnikov

A symbol of repression to tens of millions worldwide:

The Wake County Republican Party is raffling off a trio of guns to raise money for this year’s election campaign. On Thursday afternoon, the party sent out an email encouraging supporters to buy tickets for the “U-Pick It Gun Raffle,” in which three winners will be drawn to choose one of “three great long guns” – an AK-47, a sport rifle and a shotgun.

“Celebrate the 2nd Amendment and support the Wake County Republican Party in the process,” the invite says. Supporters can buy a ticket for $10 or 10 tickets for $50; the raffle ends on July 9.

Er, that "sport rifle" referenced in the article is also an assault rifle, an AR-15 knockoff. If you consider scaring little children (and many adults) a "sport," I guess that description would fit. Apparently becoming a part-time arms dealer is a great way to cover the costs of running a political party headquarters, although I could list numerous historical cases where "arming your supporters" backfired for many wannabe tyrants.



Yeah, I almost mentioned that

in the diary above. The more common these raffles become, the greater the chance that one of those "prizes" will end up on the front page...