Ok Lance, Screwy & Robert, The Truth has come out!

Ok , It Happened, The whole Truth and Nuthin but the Truth is out on you 3!

I been busy today, 2 trips to Waynesville. During the 2nd trip ,Brian Hopkins of the Shuler Campain and I were traveling about town ,in his Midnight Blue car, which by the way is a nice lookin car.

Well we were talking about Blue NC amongst other things and he asked how I liked bloggin around with you all. Of course you KNOW, I had HIGH prases for all here. He just happened to mention he knew the 3 of ya. As I dont really think that you all had already paid him off to say the good things he did about ya, In my humble opinon, You 3 at the very least owe the man a beer for high reccomendations and respectfull things he said about you! Really, Im tellin the truth. He had very good comments about all of ya! I didnt know what really good company I was hanging out with!

Charlotte Observer: Jim Black Claims That He Is Staying

Despite our best efforts (both here and what other Democrats are doing), the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jim Black claims that he is staying on as Speaker of the house:

House Speaker Jim Black said 55 of the 63 Democrats in the House want him to stay, and he expects little discussion of his job when the group meets Tuesday night in Raleigh.

Burn Those D*&! Books!

"If I do not like it, you cannot read it" seems to be the new motto of the radical christian right group Called2Action today. WakeEd informs us that they are lobbying the Wake County Public School System to ban four books from the schools.

As the group proclaims, there was a:

discovery of terribly offensive and inappropriate books that are currently on required reading lists in Wake County middle and high schools.

Only Neil Can Break Your Blog

A few weeks ago, John Hood assured us that the authors on the John Locke Foundation's Locker Room Blog don't need to allow user comments to keep them honest. That is, there are internal disagreements that will do the same thing. He may be right: the past couple of days have seen a heated back and forth on some of the age's most difficult political and social
questions. Along the way, dear readers, we learn that there are perhaps as many as one Locker Roomers who are not painfully naff.


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